Nadir’s Notes Feb 1st

Wow, it seems to take me a while to get Visible again once I hit a wall.  I am standing again..  I have moved off of the face splat and am riding my dragon again.  Learning this is all ONE step at a time, ONE move Forward for ME…

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Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ a Holiday Blessing






Nadine’s Nuggets with

A Holiday Blessing

Greetings, as I write this Blessing on a snowy winter day.  Before I write the Blessing, I want to Thank you for all you have shared with me during this past year.  Together we have seen the launch of the SOUL Food application then danced with Joy as it became known and downloaded in ten countries.  My intention is for the cards to touch hearts around the world, allowing the expansion of personal growth, balance and harmony.  It has been an honor to share with you.  I am in appreciation to those of you who have sent in questions, comments and requests for Nadine’s Nuggets and the articles I write for Pathways and the Intention Conscious Parenting group.  Please keep them coming.

A few years ago, someone dear to me said “I Love who I AM in Your Presence”.  That comment hit me like I ton of bricks.  What was that like?  To truly LOVE Myself in the Presence of another?  Thus began a journey of self-exploration.

a Blessing of LOVE

Today as you look into your own eyes, may you see the depth of the Love the You ARE!  See your Beauty.  Experience your Magnificence.  Feel your Self-Worth. Magnify your Value.  Birth your Dignity, Honor and Trust.    LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE !!!

As you look into your own eyes, Allow all of YOU to Shine!  Allow ALL of you to bubble up within you, through you  and around you…. then flood out in an explosion of JOY that Uplifts everyone you come into contact with.

Within your own Being, may you feel Love Surrounding You, Love Embracing You then Flowing out of your heart to be shared with another. Today, as you look into the eyes of another, may you feel the Love that YOU ARE reflecting back to you. Being ONE within all of the Love there is. May you see and feel the Beauty and Magnificence that YOU ARE reflecting back to You… Expanding within… and from that expansion, reflect that Magnificence and Love back to the other.

I am You!  You are Me!  Together, We Are LOVE.  And from THAT place of being ALL that WE ARE… I truly trust you are able to say  “I Love who I AM in Your Presence”

Wishing you a JOY filled season, where I CAN say, I, Nadine, LOVE who I AM, In YOUR Presence.  Thank you for all you have gifted me this year.  I look forward to what we will co-create in 2012

PEACE on earth & GOOD WILL to all of humanity & JOY in our world

~ Dr Nadine, Sweekar, and Lil Bear



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SOUL Food landed in IRELAND

We received word today that SOUL Food has landed in IRELAND..  This makes the 11th country we have expanded into.

To date we are now in: Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Philippians, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA

My Goal is to have the app featured in the New & Noteworthy; and HOT Picks sections of itunes.

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Nadir’s Notes Mon Jan 9th

Still going strong on being NUT free. I did have some ‘seeds’ so now to shift to the level of CONSISTENT COMPLIANCE.  Was up early for cardio this morning.  Was able to push harder.  Was also down a pound since last saturday.  So progress is happening.

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Nadir’s Notes Jan 3rd.. and TEN

Yahoo.. I have made it 10 DAYS NUT FREE…  Ten days of Nobriety!!!  I just read a note from my coach saying it is Peanut Butter NOT PUDDING..  But I used to Eat it like it was Pudding, Pasta, Cereal etc.  So to be CLEAN is Awesome.

We changed up my Food, my Cardio and Plyo and will have a check in next tuesday.  Feels GOOD.

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nadir’s notes Mon Jan 2nd

yahoo.. I finally found the Water Dragon..  This is my tool for Visualization this year..  Coming IN on the WATER.. with the ability to Soar in the Sky and in the Water.. no limits…

i’m 9 days nut free.. working on compliance now.  Today I continued my AM routine with Marcia.. meeting at the gym at 6 am to do cardio.. It felt good.  I woke up rested and ready to rock n roll.   I am down 5# since my weight in Dec 26th..  I am finding that LIGHT does not shine within fat… that fat holds nothing of purpose or value when it sits on top of the muscle.  I am focusing on the things that Store LIGHT.. like bone marrow, muscle tissue, organs, healthy cells…  so that my LIGHT can SHINE..

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Nadir’s notes Day 2 Dec 27

Hello Nadine…  You started your day off with a bang.  Congrats on the 12 min spikes right out of bed.  NOW… Keep it going.  Make today a SUCCESS.  Keep your FOCUS.  Stay NOBER!!! and Kick ass on your cardio, Plyo, and workout.  SUCCESS IS YOURS for the HAVING.  Do you want it???  then Claim it!

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Nadir’s Notes on Dec 30th

Yahooo… Celebrating SIX days of NOBRIETY  (nut free)…

I also met a friend in the gym at 6 am to get my morning cardio rocking. we have agreed to meet every M, W and F to kick this off…

My knee is acting up…  Very swollen.. I am thinking this is a due to a very tight IT band.  It attaches all at the knee.. argh…  so no jumping right now.  I was able to get the cardio up to speed 4 this morning after 30 mins at 2.2 then slowly climbing …

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Tips for Holiday Trival

Hello Everyone.. here is a direct link to the article written for the ICP blog on Tips for Holiday Thrival

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Nadir’s Notes Thurs dec 29th.. Day 4

I am thrilled that I have been NUT FREE or NOBER now for 5 full days.  Now to get my carbs in alignment and my program COMPLIANT.  I can do this.  My liver cleanse should arrive today, so my focus for the next few weeks will be to cleanse any/all toxins OUT allowing my tissues to regenerate.

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