Wellness Series

Locations where Dr Nadine has taught classes:

  • World Gym (all locations in Colorado Springs)
  • Flintridge Chiropractic
  • Ladies Fitness
  • Rising Star Communications Inc
  • Lynmar Racquet & Health Club
  • Merrill Lynch ~ South Denver
  • Vision Works International
  • The Other Club ~ Fort Collins
  • The New Fort Collins Pulse
  • Various Schools within School District 11 in Colorado Springs
  • Various Schools in Fort Collins

The WELLNESS SERIES ~ is a 3-part informative series on Nutrition designed to provide knowledge, education and practical tools that can be put to immediate use. Making changes in your nutritional lifestyle involves changes in Whole WELLNESS and Whole HEALTH to promote a Whole TRANSFORMATION. To book this 3-part educational series for your company, please contact Dr Nadine at 970-443-2541 or drNadine111@gmail.com

Densely packed whole food nutrition is the foundation to overall wellness and a healthy immune system. Part One of this three part series provides highlights on Proteins, Carbs, Fats, Sugar, Sodium, Fiber and Water.

Building on the foundation set in the Wellness talk, Part Two of this three part series will provide key information on the overall health of an individual as it relates to Essential Fatty Acids, the different types of Carbs and how they affect blood sugar levels, hormones and metabolism, Oxidative Stress, and the importance of Water and Exercise.

Transformation takes place from the Inside-Out as well as the Outside-In. Part Three will provide a few ‘internal’ activities as well as an action plan that each individual can apply to their life for immediate shifts in their nutrition program.

Wellness and Health is not expensive… NEGLECT IS!