Where am I?

Are you Excited, Focused and on track with your fat loss GOALS?

Do you wake up every day excited to ‘take it on’ for another day? Do you spend time each day visualizing yourself with the physique of your dreams as already accomplished? Or, do you find that you are easily bumped off track? Is it easy for you to allow another to help you in your self-sabotage? Knowing where you are right now will assist in knowing what changes need to be made to keep you focused and on track with your written goals. You do have written goals don’t you? Goals specific to What you what to achieve, Why you want to achieve them, How you want to Feel when you have accomplished the goal, and the time frame given for the accomplishment of the goal.

Without specific goals it is very easy to wander around aimlessly. It is also very easy to accommodate choices that support self-sabotage rather than setting you up for a WIN. If you have not taken the time to put your goals into writing, do so now. Get as detailed as you can, then once you have your goal written, Be clear as to why you want to achieve your goal.

What value will achieving your goal bring to your life? If one of your goals is to feel healthy and have more energy it is less likely you will make a choice for processed foods or sugar products since they drain energy and kill the immune system. By creating value you have a greater chance of sticking to your goals. How do you want to feel when you have accomplished the goal?

Have you planned a celebration or the clothing you will be wearing? Have you thought about how you will smile, wave, and how you will walk in your new physique? Do you take time each day to visualize your dream physique as already accomplished? This is an amazing process that keeps your eyes on the goal and your heart IN your program. It only takes a few minutes each day to close your eyes and bring to mind YOU in your NEW Physique. Go on give it a whirl and let me know how you feel.

Have you shared your written goals with others so they can support you in for efforts and cheer you along? If your answer to that question is NO, I ask you why not? What are you afraid of? Who are you pretending is a support in your life? Is it time to find the people that really want to see you succeed, and realize your dreams? Do you really want to succeed and realize your dreams? Are you committed to achieving your goal?

No if, ands, or butts, are you committed to achieving your goal? If you are wishy washy about your commitment, maybe you have set the wrong goal, or maybe you have set unrealistic expectations or timelines for yourself. If, on the other hand, you are committed to achieving your goals and dreams, that visualization exercise will solidify your efforts and keep you focused and hungry each and every day.

Take some time to break your overall goal into daily and weekly goals. Sometimes it can be very daunting to find the end of the tunnel. When I was dropping my 64 pounds of fat I found it very difficult to imagine all of the steps I would eventually have to take to achieve that overall goal. I could visualize my body as the finished product, but I was unable to think about what I would need to do 3 months in advance. However I was able to look at what I wanted to achieve on a weekly basis. Once I knew what I needed to accomplish weekly it was easier to set a daily goal for myself.

A daily goal may look like preplanning all of tomorrow’s meals today. A weekly goal may look like lifting weights three times this week to build muscle. When you set daily and weekly goals you can then create little ways to Celebrate the accomplishment of your goals.

Currently I have set a goal for myself to prepare for a photo-shoot.  Hanging on my refrigerator door is a road map to that competition. At the end of each day I place a smiley face sticker on the map to signify I met my food and training goals. Trust me, this is a big deal for me. Sometimes I want more food at the end of the day, sometimes I really don’t want to do my cardio and look for ways to validate my whiny excuses. I walk around the house with my smiley face sticker on my finger as I argue with my brain. For me, it is a huge accomplishment to place my sticker on that map. I even do a celebration dance if it has been a super tough night filled with brain chatter.

What action steps can you take every day that support your goals? By celebrating each small success you lay the foundation to celebrate the medium successes, which eventually lead to your celebrating the mambo jumbo goal you set for yourself. Each celebrated success keeps you focused, on track and excited to ‘take it on’ for another day. Bottom line, if you want the goal you must do the work to accomplish the goal.
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Are you making Consistent PROGRESS or are you stuck?

At some point, each and every one of us has experienced what is called a plateau in our fat loss or muscle gaining regimes. This is usually a sign that the body ‘knows’ what you are going to do and has adapted to the current structure or workload it has been placed under. When a plateau hits, it is important to shake things up. In my personal experience, it takes the body only three days to figure out the current pattern or structure and adapt. Together, our job is to be on top of your fat loss or muscle gain program to ensure your body never adapts. That is one reason you are encouraged to explore as many different foods as possible during the Stabilizing phase of my program, and the core reason your calories are shifted each day during the entire Burning Fat phase. My job is to never allow your body to figure out what I have planned for it. Your job is to follow the program designed specifically for you.

There are many ways to break through a plateau. Should the need arise, you will be exposed to as many different techniques as needed to keep you on track with your program and the fat loss goals you have set for yourself. Some ways to break a plateau are very simple in concept; yet challenging in the self-discipline arena. The fact is everyone is going to hit a plateau at some point in his or her fat loss journey. When that time comes, how much does your goal mean to you? What are you willing to do to break through your plateau? How much are you willing to put on the line to achieve your goals and dreams?
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Do you suffer from Type II Diabetes, Acid Reflux, High Blood Pressure, High LDL, Low HDL, Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Broken Bones and more?

It breaks my heart to see the number of obese adults, teenagers and children in our society today. The number one cause of diabetes is obesity. Poor diet and lack of exercise are significant factors in the development of obesity, high blood pressure, stress, depression, fatigue and more. Of the leading causes of death, there are actually only a few that do not have a root in poor diet or poor nutrition. Those are suicide, homicide or natural disaster. The ‘typical’ American diet contains excessive amounts of saturated fat, processed foods and sugar while starving the body of the needed quantities of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, fiber and exercise. Health and Well-being is not about taking a pill to cover the symptoms. When significant changes are made to your diet, the body will begin to heal itself at a cellular level thus addressing the ‘dis-ease’ at the root of the problem and creating a Lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes can last a lifetime. Imagine a lifetime of Health and Wellness. Imagine a lifetime free of mood swings, depression, headaches and stress. Imagine a lifetime free of acid reflux, high blood pressure or obesity. Imagine a lifetime of waking up each morning excited about how you FEEL!

Extensive research has been conducted around the foods that work with your blood type. During the Stabilizing phase of your program, we will discover the needs of your body and blood type, and begin the process of eliminating the foods that are harming or causing ‘dis-ease’ within you in some way. Certain foods act as medicine in your body, thus assisting your body with its internal healing process. A large portion of foods simply acts as ‘food’ or ‘nutrients’ within the body. Contrarily, there are foods that act as poison thus assisting the body in breaking down or creating disease. As we discover the right foods for your body and blood type, we will also discover the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, fiber and water your body needs to facilitate its internal healing process.

Comments I hear from clients who choose to make lifestyle changes with their exercise and nutrition programs include: “I feel great”. “For the first time in my life I am not suffering from acid reflux”. “I have so much energy and my knees no longer hurt”. “My face has stopped breaking out”. “My LDL levels have gone down, my HDL levels have gone up, and my doctor says to keep doing what I am doing”. “I am amazed at how wonderful I feel. I love this”.

Are you next? Would you like to have an overall greater feeling of Health and Wellness? It starts with making the decision to want the change. Contact Dr Nadine if you are serious about making lifestyle changes in your life changes to last your lifetime.
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Are you ACCOUNTABLE for your progress and success?

I used to wish for my Fairy Godmother to simply come down, wave her magic wand and poof I would instantly be granted the lean, muscular body I have been working towards. I even wished for a magic potion to drink to assist me in achieving those goals. Have you ever been there? It is okay to admit that those options have crossed your mind a time or two. It was both a bittersweet and highly rewarding moment when I finally discovered that my success or failure rested with ME by making the choices I had been making.

EVERY CHOICE either takes us towards our goal or away from it. That means that we are each 100 percent Accountable for what we have achieved with our physiques. If we are unhappy with how we look, a good first step is to look at what we have been doing TO our bodies and how long we have been doing it. That is why the In-Depth Diet Analysis is so valuable. It will tell you exactly what messages you have been sending to your body. Your body is simply doing what you are asking it to. It is outstanding at following orders. As an example, if you are currently eating one meal about every 5 hours, the body hears a message that says I’m being starved. “I’m being starved” translates to I’m going to die. Since the body can live the longest on the stored fat reserves, a message is then transmitted to all cells to hoard the fat and shut down all other bodily functions. At this point your metabolism has shut down and you have turned your body into a fat storing machine. This was not the goal you might have been going for, however it is the result of the message you sent.

Being accountable for our successes and failures requires a bit of self-reflection. Good questions to ask one self are:

  • What messages am I currently sending to my body?
  • Do I send positive or negative messages to myself?
  • How did I get to this point or condition?
  • What did I want to learn about myself?
  • How long do I want to continue to repeat this pattern I find myself in?
  • What am I willing to do to change where I am right now?

Many of these questions, and more, arise during the course of working with me. During our private sessions, we explore the reasons behind choices made, and find new options that serve you. Sometimes we are able to make one small change to achieve a huge shift in attitude. Other times it takes a series of new choices to achieve our desired result. Either way, I am committed to working with you and walking by your side as you explore YOU. Accountability starts with making choices that serve you. Our end goal is that you are empowered to Create Lifestyle Changes to Last a Lifetime.
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Are you setting REALISTIC Goals?

Realistic Goals… what does that mean? What does it look like? Especially when it comes to FAT loss and in keeping the fat OFF permanently. During a recent consultation, my potential client stated she wanted to drop 120 pounds and she wanted it off within one year. WOW! I was stunned by the expected time frame she had set for her goal. As we explored this concept she pulled out an advertisement for a ‘diet’ making outrageous weight loss claims. One individual actually claimed to have dropped 35 pounds in 15 days. That is a reduction of 2.3 pounds a DAY. With her logic, if this person could drop 35 pounds in 15 days, then her goal of 120 pounds in 365 days was no big deal. I will admit to being completely speechless at that moment. My brain on the other hand was very active with questions like, what happened to the health of this person? When did the 15 days actually begin? Did they keep any muscle? Did they lose only water weight? How much actual FAT was dropped? Were they hospitalized during or after this ‘diet’? Did they keep their weight off permanently or did they yo-yo and put on 35 Plus pounds within months of this regime? What happened to all the skin that housed the fat?

To set realistic goals, having realistic knowledge might be helpful. Muscle tissue is denser and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than fat tissue. Five pounds of FAT is about the size of a loaf of bread. Five pounds of MUSCLE, on the other hand, can fit in the palm of your hand. As you drop fat and build lean muscle tissue, you lose bulk because the dense muscle tissue takes up less space than the fat. Additionally, muscle, not fat, ‘fires up’ your metabolic furnace utilizing more calories. It takes approximately fifty calories a day to maintain a pound of muscle whereas a pound of fat requires only two calories to maintain. To change the overall appearance of your physique, realistic goals should be set to BURN the FAT and to Build and Keep your Muscle.

The body must be prepared or conditioned before it will drop fat. Prior to the start of any new “diet”, consideration must be given as to whether the BODY can support the requirements. Basic knowledge will tell you that to drop fat, one must have more calories being expended than are being consumed. Dropping calories and/or increasing the amount of energy being expended by doing some form of cardiovascular exercise are a few ways to have more calories being burned than are being consumed. If a person has the desire to drop 20-50 pounds of fat, or more, the caloric starting place must be relatively high with the cardiovascular expenditure fairly low or non-existent: AND, the body must have time to adjust to this environment before it is asked to change and drop fat. That is why so much time is spent during our Stabilizing phase. First we have to discover the correct ‘mix’ of proteins, carbohydrates, good-fats, fiber and water that work for YOU. Next we have to get your caloric starting point high enough to support your fat loss goals. Once we have your food at a good starting point, we have to keep your body there long enough so that your body learns how to burn food at that caloric level. We stabilize your foundation so we can build on it. With this knowledge, Setting a realistic goal that includes time to stabilize your body is Crucial to your fat loss efforts.

Once your body is stabilized and geared up for FAT loss, you are then ready to begin a concentrated effort to Burn Fat. The rules change during a fat burning phase. Foods your fat likes need to be discovered and eliminated. Some bodies begin dumping fat immediately, others take a bit of a kick in the butt to figure out it is time to release. Setting Realistic Goals is a must during this phase of the program. You can anticipate releasing up to 2 pounds of Fat each week. In my experience most women drop an average of 1.5 pounds a week; men drop an average of 2 pounds a week. Some bodies release slowly on the scale and rapidly on the tape measure. Dropping Fat is a process. As you begin shedding layers of fat (protection) the ‘new you’ has the potential to become vulnerable. During these times the body may feel like it is dying and shut down. My job is to keep you and your program moving forward. With all of this taken into consideration it is both unhealthy and unrealistic to drop more than 2 pounds a week or to have an expectation that you will consistently drop 2 pounds each week.

The time needed to stabilize and prepare your body to drop fat, drop fat at a healthy rate, and break through a plateau should all be factored in. Set yourself up for a WIN for your entire fat loss program. Set your goals to SUPPORT your efforts. That way you can celebrate a year from now, or two or three because you kept your fat off permanently.
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Are you experiencing JOY in your Fat Loss program?

What an interesting concept, to experience JOY while dropping body fat. I remember years back when I was exploring a seven-day diet. JOY was nowhere near my experience. What I recall was consuming a ton of cabbage soup, bananas and skim milk while being constipated and praying for it all to end. (Note: I did drop weight, quite a bit of water and lots of muscle. I also gained it all back and then some, when I started eating ‘normal’ food again. I do not recommend this regime)

So where is JOY in a fat loss program? Is it possible to be content and happy while achieving fat loss? Or is there a fixed belief that says fat loss is about struggle, deprivation, or eating foods that taste like cardboard. As we walk this fat loss journey together, we begin with the foods you currently like to eat and then expand to new foods you might not have eaten while we explore those foods that work with your body. During this time frame we will explore many fixed beliefs you might have around eating certain foods, eating in public, or how others view your fat loss efforts. We will discover ways in which you sabotage yourself, ways you might not be being kind to yourself and ways you may be beating yourself up. As you begin to change your beliefs and practice new ways of eating and thinking, you will begin to love yourself. You will learn to love your body and appreciate all it is doing for you. The more you learn to love you, the more you smile. One day you realize you are truly Happy with YOU, you love the way you look, you love the way you move. As you share your smile with others, JOY shines forth because that is the feeling you now radiate.

Is your ‘diet’ Burning FAT or making you FATTER?

Many advertisements for a ‘diet’ include outrageous weight loss claims. Some things I have never really been clear on are what happened to the health of this person who claimed to have dropped 35 pounds in 15 days? When did the 15 days actually begin? Did they keep muscle? Did they lose only water weight? How much actual FAT was dropped? Were they hospitalized during or after this ‘diet’? Did they keep their weight off or did they yo-yo and put on 35 Plus pounds within months of this regime. Look back at all of the ‘diets’ you have tried over the years. Did they teach you to Burn FAT or did they just make you FATTER?

Muscle tissue is denser and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than fat tissue. Five pounds of FAT is about the size of a loaf of bread. Five pounds of MUSCLE, on the other hand, can fit in the palm of your hand. As you drop fat and build lean muscle tissue, you lose bulk because the dense muscle tissue takes up less space than the fat. Muscle, not fat, ‘fires up’ your metabolic furnace thus utilizing more calories. It takes approximately fifty calories a day to maintain a pound of muscle whereas a pound of fat requires only two calories to maintain. It makes sense that in order to change the appearance of your physique, realistic goals should be set to BURN FAT and Build/Keep Muscle. Are you willing to learn how to set realistic and achievable goals and once set, stick to them?

Prepare your body to drop fat. Most people see an ad in a magazine with wild claims and decide to start the new “diet”. Little or no consideration has been given to thoughts as to whether the BODY can support this new proposed diet. Basic knowledge will tell you that to drop fat, one must have more calories being expended than are being consumed. On average women will drop up to one and a half pounds each week during a BURN Fat phase, men usually average approximately 2 pounds a week. However, before the body can drop fat it must have a foundation prepared that will support a fat loss regime. If the body is not stabilized and geared up for fat loss, it will not respond to your efforts! Coach Nadine takes care of this aspect in the Stabilizing Phase. Remember your goal is to Burn Fat and Keep your hard earned muscle. Learn how to stabilize your body. Learn how to set yourself and your program up for success

Learn how to Turn ON your Metabolism. Society has pills, potions, and swatches to sell so you can burn fat. Unfortunately, there are no magic pills to swallow, no magic potions to ingest, or any patches or swatches you can wear that will help you drop excess body fat. There IS, however, a way to Turbo-Charge your metabolism with food so that your body will burn fat around the clock. When your metabolism is turned on it resembles a huge bonfire. Learn about the foods that add flames to your fire as well as those that, in reality, choke the life out of it.
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Would you like to discover how to release FAT while EATING a lot of Real Food?

Have you ever been on a road trip, driving about 85 mph and notice the empty fuel tank light is on? You recall passing a sign recently that the nearest town is a good 50 miles away. You can slow down to conserve fuel, however at some point the car is going to run out of gas. No matter how much you beg it to keep moving forward, there is nothing in that tank to provide the fuel needed to keep the car moving. Food is the fuel for our bodies. If we do not provide our bodies with an adequate amount of food (fuel) on a regular basis, it too will shut down. When the body enters a catabolic state or starvation mode, rather than eating the stored fat on the body, it actually hoards the fat (self preservation) and goes for the next available food source, which is your muscle tissue. It gets worse!!! Not only is your body in hoard mode because it has no clue when you are going to feed it again, when you finally DO decide to eat, it hordes everything coming IN as well. Double Slam. The body grabs the calories from your quick easy fast food meal adding on to its life saving supply. Basically the fat just got fatter.

Our desire is to create a machine (body) that utilizes its fuel sources (food) in such a way as to release fat and performs at an optimal level. Food is Fuel. While working with Coach Nadine you will learn the quantity of foods needed to fuel your body as well as the quality of foods needed to provide an optimal environment for fat loss, health and wellness. With this program you will learn to eat a LOT of real food like rice, pasta, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, kale, turkey, fish, etc. This is not about drinking your way through a program. There may be a short timeframe within your program that supplementing your daily food intake with a shake is necessary, however the emphasis will be on EATING your food and eating often. You will actually be amazed at the quantity of foods you are eating while dropping fat.

During your program we will also take a look at the foods that work with your body and blood type. Certain foods act as medicine in your body, thus assisting your body with its internal healing process. A large portion of foods simply acts as ‘food’ or ‘nutrients’ to your body. Contrarily, there are foods that act as poison to your body. Together we will discover the needs of your body and begin the process of eliminating the foods that are harming you in some way. Once foods that act as poison are removed from your body you may be surprised at the physical, mental and emotional changes you begin to feel. You may notice you have more energy, experience less stress, no longer suffer from things like acid reflux or high blood pressure. You may also notice an overall feeling of greater Health and Wellness.


Ninety-nine percent of how you look is determined by what goes In your Mouth. I am sure you have heard the saying Garbage In, Garbage Out. The same concept holds true for our bodies. We can spend countless hours in the gym sweating away on the latest greatest cardio machine and not change the overall appearance of our physique. Remember, 99 percent of how you look is what goes in your mouth. With that piece of knowledge, it makes sense to find out what you are eating right now. Discover the current combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water going IN your body? Find out if you are feeding your body or starving it. An In-Depth Diet Analysis will provide detailed information on the foods that work with your body and metabolism, and those that are choking the very life out of your fat loss or weight/muscle gain efforts. With this key information you have a great starting point for your entire program.
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