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It Begins with ME (new)
The moment you take ownership for what you have already created, a doorway opens. That doorway allows you to become accountable for your choices, and provides the ability and opportunity to make a change. Until that moment happens, it is like watching a hamster spinning on a wheel repeating old patterns over and over and over. Until that happens, it is like singing a country song “you done me wrong, and that ain’t right”. Until that happens, excuses are a dime a dozen. Read More

How you Show UP
Excuses are everywhere; they are the backdoor to actually showing up as an adult and taking responsibility for our actions. Have you ever had this conversation with yourself? “I’ll start tomorrow”, or “It’s just too early to get up and exercise right now”, or “I’ve already worked a full day, I’m just too tired to do any more”. What about this rationale: “it’s just one bite, it won’t hurt me”, or “the donut I ate yesterday didn’t affect the scale at all, so I can have another one today”. Read More

Are You Turned On
You most likely started reading this article thinking it was about your libido. Sorry to disappoint you. This time around it is all about your metabolism 

FOOD is FUEL! By eating the right kinds of food and the right quantity of food you can turn your metabolism on. The body’s metabolism is the internal furnace. More heat is generated when more logs are added to the fire. Thus, when the metabolism is spinning in high gear the body burns food as fuel rather than storing it as fat. Do you know if your body is working for you or against you? Read More

“I want it ALL… and I want it yesterday!” or “I can’t believe that guy stood me up, I mean I had a manicure and bought a new outfit… Of all the nerve… Who does he think he is?” or “Please, please, please, pretty please…. Can I have that, pleeeeeaassseee?” or “I should be down 10 pounds by now after all I followed the directions” or “we’ve been married for 13 years, you should know what I like by now.” Can you personally relate to any of these statements or recall someone who might have said or experienced one of them? EXPECTATIONS… We all have them, though most of the time our expectations are nonverbal or hidden from our conscious awareness. I remember a Christmas many years ago, when my new husband asked me what I wanted. Being a very thoughtful young bride I replied something silly like “It doesn’t matter honey, you get me what you want to.” ? 
. Note: written for the Colorado Springs Health Magazine Read More

Setting realistic goals 
Realistic Goals… What does that mean? What does it look like? Especially when it comes to FAT loss and in keeping the fat OFF permanently. During a recent consultation, my potential client stated she wanted to drop 120 pounds and she wanted it off within one year. WOW! I was stunned by the expected time frame she had set for her goal. As we explored this concept she pulled out an advertisement for a ‘diet’ making outrageous weight loss claims. One individual actually claimed to have dropped 35 pounds in 15 days. That is a reduction of 2.3 pounds a DAY. With her logic, if this person could drop 35 pounds in 15 days, then her goal of 120 pounds in 365 days was no big deal. I will admit to being completely speechless at that moment. My brain on the other hand was very active with questions like, what happened to the health of this person? When did the 15 days actually begin? Did they keep any muscle? Did they lose only water weight? How much actual FAT was dropped? Were they hospitalized during or after this ‘diet’? Did they keep their weight off permanently or did they yo-yo and put on 35 Plus pounds within months of this regime? What happened to all the skin that housed the fat? To set realistic goals, having realistic knowledge might be helpful. Read More

Are You Fit For Show
MAJESTIC! That one word sums up the breath taking feeling I get when in the presence of a champion show horse. There is an inner beauty, a power and grace surrounding this magnificent animal. Upon seeing that horse I knew that every detail of their training program had been dissected, every portion of feed, every ounce of fluid, every training session had been examined in detail to ensure success in the arena. I’ll even lay odds that countless hours were spent talking to the horse, telling him how magnificent, how powerful, how graceful and how deserving he is of showing his beauty to the world and standing in the Winners Circle. This shows a dedication to excellence. Note: written for the Colorado Arabian Horse Club
Read More

Feeding your Natural Killer Cells 
One of the greatest ways to combat cancer is at the source. Prevent the disease from ever setting up house and forming roots in the body. We can do this by fueling the body with foods that feed the Natural Killer cells, or T-cells, which attack and destroy cancerous ones. Cancer cells thrive on refined sugar. When fed sugar, cancer cells become little monsters, growing, expanding, and devouring healthy cells within the body. Not to mention the other side effects of sugar in the body: depression, mood swings, increased fatigue, headaches, and fat gain. Read More

Tools For Holiday
The holidays provide many opportunities for self-sabotage in the eating arena. It is not uncommon for folks to say they gained 10-15 pounds from October through December. With the desire to be in a swimsuit, and look great mind you, right around the corner, a season of feasting sets us up for failure rather than the WIN we would like to have. Honestly, there is no reason to pack on those pounds during the holidays. Read More

Understanding Your Metabolism
Your caloric intake sends very specific messages to your body to speed up or slow down your metabolism! We want to send the message to your body that you will be getting food on a consistent basis. Our goal is to turn your metabolism up so that you are burning food as fuel rather than storing it as fat. When you cut your calories, and specifically your carbs, below a certain point your body will go into starvation survival mode. This is a disaster for your diet! In starvation mode, you have just told your body not to burn stored fat until it is absolutely necessary. Instead it burns your lean muscle tissue, which requires more calories to support! Read more