My Background

Everything we do in life brings us to this Moment in time. Every choice made was the RIGHT Choice; the one needed so we could learn and Grow. I have lived and experienced both extremes of the fitness world during the past 24-years. With a double Bachelor of Science in Education in Mathematics and Extended Physical Education, and numerous certifications in Nutrition and eating for your Blood Type, I have coached all levels and genre of people and have taught a variety of programs including but not limited to Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, and Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding as well as programs for weight gain or weight loss. In addition to nutritional coaching and designing lifting regimes, I teach a variety of Workshops and Seminars on topics as diverse as “Your Relationship with Food…Who Owns IT”; “Handling Stress with EASE”; to “Claiming Your Goddess Within”, and have published a variety of articles.

On a Personal level, on one end of the pendulum I have trained for and graced the stage of many bodybuilding competitions; at the other end I traveled a road of pain and ate my way to an all time high of 225 pounds. Crazy eating patterns, and destructive self-talk over a number of years stripped me of my self-esteem, self-love and self-awareness. During my personal path of healing and growth I began my own transformation. Throughout that initial transformation process I embraced how and why I got to this Moment in Life. As the body fat began to shed I found myself up against a lifetime of beliefs that were not serving my body or me. Like a Phoenix Rising out of the old and into the new, I embraced my truth, stared old demons in the face and released a grand total of 79 pounds of body Fat reclaiming the Beauty of who I AM. Most recently I have returned to the bodybuilding arena and plan to continue to be a role model for Balance and Harmony in a Femininely Beautiful Physique.

Having walked both sides of the street, the competitive bodybuilder and the sumo, I bring uniqueness, vulnerability, understanding and compassion to my daily work as a Naturopath, Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist. I am dedicated to Taking a Stand FOR Others so they can Have Their Dreams come True. As a complete Stand For EXCELLENCE I empower my clients to BE the very best they can BE, ALWAYS and In All Ways. When you choose me as your ‘guiding light’ you have a Nutrition Specialist who brings a lifetime of growth, knowledge, self-awareness, self-love, balance, harmony and beauty to my clients, workshops, and publications.

Transforming your nutrition and physique is an Investment IN You FOR You from the Inside Out and Outside In. Once a decision is made to be accountable for past choices it is then possible to look ahead, set a few goals and take ownership of your health and well-being. Are you willing to make an Investment for yourself?? Do you desire to Make YOUR Dreams Come True? Contact me if you are looking for a coach dedicated to standing by Your side and empowering you to Be ALL you can be…. as you TAKE ON YOUR LIFE!!!!