Hello and Welcome to the Creating RESULTS Holistic Center with Dr. Nadine, a Personalized Naturopathy and Nutrition Coaching site where together, we Consciously Create LIFESTYLE Changes that will LAST Your Lifetime. As a Naturopath and Sports Nutrition Specialist located in Fort Collins Colorado, Dr Nadine teaches that NUTRITION is the key that opens the gateway to your overall health and well-being. On this path you are invited to learn to: Read more.

Naturopathy – Nutrition

You have everything you need within you, to Heal your body. Gain Knowledge and Allow HEALING to occur at a cellular level from the Inside-Out. Read More

Personal Training

Raise the BAR in your Overall Wellness efforts.  Elevate your Self-Esteem, Value and Worth. Create the RESULTS you want! Read More

Soul Food Cards

Designed to Inspire, Uplift and Motivate you to stay FOCUSED on your Goal.  SOUL Food allows you to STOP! Take a Breath.  Shift. Then step forward with Certainty, Clarity and Balance. Read More


Meditations by Dr Nadine are created so ALL may participate and find value. Each track allows you to release ‘what is not you’, then anchor in new vibrations like I Am Worthy, I am Capable, I am Deserving and more. Read More

BIG Calendar and Upcoming Events

Make plans now to join Dr Nadine at a Holistic Fair. Get your deck of SOUL Food signed with a personal message.  Book a HEALING Session,  attend Nadine’s Lecture, and check out the Created Just for You Meditations.   The BIG Calendar shows dates for all upcoming Classes and Events.