Hi Everyone… Have fun with some of these really valuable links I have found. I do not maintain any of these so will remove the link when they no longer serve. Should you have others to share that fit with the intention of Being Well and Well-Being, please send them to me with the link and a brief ditty about the site. Enjoy! ~N

Feeling Good about YOU
ME Time ~ These are short Meditations you can do when you get stuck, need to move some Energy, and want to feel better… then to Feel GOOD.  They are my creations so look for my channel on YouTube.  These are good for all ages.  Dr Nadine on Youtube
Magnificence Mine ~ Energy Work, Meditations, and Healing sessions with Dr Nadine
I AM Mantra ~ A source of inspiration & insight for Conscious Living. Daily mantras designed to support you & your Awakening.

Daily Inspiration by Abraham ~ Daily Law of Attraction quotation to assist in attracting all you desire to YOU.
The Daily Motivator ~ provides great daily inspirations
Mastering Alchemy ~ Alchemy is the ability to transform one possibility into another. During the Mastering Alchemy program, you get multiple opportunities to release beliefs that no longer serve, embrace all that YOU ARE, and discover your life purpose/contract. Mastering Alchemy is powerful and empowering. I highly recommend this work.
Notes from the Universe ~ These are Daily Notes from the Universe that have added great meaning to my life. Click on receive notes to start them coming to your mailbox.
Quantum Well-Being ~ Quantum Well-Being will facilitate your attainment of radiant health and vibrant well-being through biofeedback and balancing the human energy field.

Blood Type Diet Information
Blood Type Diet Database ~ This is an incredible database put out by Dr. Peter d’Adamo with a current listing of foods for each blood type
Blood Type Diet ~ Home page. This is an incredible source for you to play around in concerning Blood Type Diet. Have fun.

Bodybuilding and Fitness
Muscle Quest~ complete Colorado Bodybuilding and Fitness information change this name to national physique committee
your Dream Physique

General Nutrition & Food Nutrient Databases
Fast Food Facts ~ Care to know what’s in the Fast food you are eating? Site contains over 2,600 menu items from 27 restaurants!
Whole Food Nutrition ~ Convenient and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from 17 different fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet, every day
Guide to Nutrition Facts Labels – Excellent info on Reading & Using the nutrition facts label. This link was highly recommended by the kids participating in the summer youth enrichment program with Yeah Them.
Glycemic Index ~Lists over 700 items with their glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL)
Juice Plus ~ the convenient and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from 17 different fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and grains to your diet, every day ~ Guide to Federal Government Health and Nutrition Websites ~ American Society for Nutritional Sciences
PCRM ~ Discover the power of preventive medicine and good nutrition. Site contains press releases, articles and research from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
USDA Nutrient Database – Look up nutritional values of your favorite foods

Great Bars & Buys
All Star Health ~ totally love the options and prices on this site ~ a great place to look at nutritional content of bars and such also allows you to purchase one bar or a case. My favs are Chef Jay’s Tri-O-Plex bars and the Oat Bar. ~ I love that you can build your own protein powders here.
All Star Health ~ totally love the options and prices on this site

Recipes, Cooking and Eating Out
FatFree ~ Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive
Healthy Recipes from PCRM ~ contains a year of featured recipes from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Stella’s Kitchen ~ provides lots of recipe ideas
Nutrition Data ~ another great source for obtaining your Protein, Carb, Fat, Sugar and Sodium counts for your foods.