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In-depth Personalized Diet Analysis ~ One time event that provides key information to the start of your program!

Private Individual Coaching Sessions ~ This is the most successful option. I provide nation-wide service to those who desire to work with me in a private setting. Individual sessions meet for 30 minutes on a weekly basis in a time slot dedicated to you. Meeting weekly is best for those who have the desire to heal their metabolism, as well as, balance the hormones insulin and glucagon on a path that creates your ideal body composition (fat loss) and an overall sense of health and well-being. This is for those who understand that dropping fat is a process, and choose to hire me as their coach for the duration of their fat loss/wellness program. This is also great to use if you are a person who suffers from degenerative disease or has a desire to gain lean muscle mass. During these 30-min sessions I analyze your progress and educate you on the choices you are making and the affect those choices have on your metabolism, insulin levels and health/wellness. Opportunities and recommendations are then provided for you to make sound changes to your habits if you so desire. At times I clip your wings, at others, I encourage you to fly. Meeting weekly allows for greater understanding and knowledge while providing an arena for personal accountability and ownership of your health and wellness. My job is to educate you about current food and lifestyle habits. This will EMPOWER you to make Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Last a Lifetime. Private Individual Coaching Sessions include unlimited email support. Click here for more information on the four phases of the program I offer.

Family Nutrition Sessions ~ The major focus, when working in the Family environment, is to improve the overall nutritional conditions of the entire family. Initial sessions are used to discover what is currently happening with each member of the family and pin point the specific conditions we need to address (i.e. Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, ADD/ADHD, and Heart Disease etc). All members must ‘buy in’ to the conversations. Each person is asked to clarify specific changes they personally want to create in their life around health and wellness. What they are willing to do to accomplish those changes will be discussed. Initially I meet with the family 2-5 times over a two-week time frame to set our structure into place. We then meet once every two weeks to make any needed changes to the program. Major areas we address in the Family sessions are the excessive consumption of Sugar and Wheat and the lack of Protein and Healthy Fats in the diet. Our meetings allow for greater personal understanding, knowledge, and provide an arena for personal accountability allowing ownership of your health and wellness. My job is to educate you about current food and lifestyle habits, and then EMPOWER each family member to make Healthy Lifestyle Changes. With balance, everyone can achieve their optimal level of health and vitality. This coaching option includes unlimited email support.

Individual Program Design ~ Some people desire a structure to follow without the support of a coach by their side all the time. A personalized fat loss program is designed for you that includes all four phases of my program and takes your major concerns into account. The length of the Stabilizing phase will be determined by your current caloric intake and where I need to take your calories for an optimal fat loss run. Once you provide me with the number of pounds you desire to drop, the length of the BURN Fat phase will be set. The Maintenance phase will be set at 4 weeks. It is up to YOU to follow this program. If you desire a weight gain program, it will be designed upon your current caloric intake and where we need to take your calories to promote quality weight gain. A one-time fee will be charged when I know how long it will take to design your Personal Program. Should you find you need assistance along the way and/or desire a coaching session periodically, single30-min sessions are available.

Spend a Day with the Coach ~ Many of my clients have requested I spend a day with them to observe their behavior over the course of the day and point out ways in which they can improve their program. This has become a valuable tool to individuals who would like extra help in shopping for food sources and eating in a restaurant. People who are preparing for any type of competition (i.e. Equestrian Shows, Figure/Bodybuilding Competitions, Photo Shoot), and those who simply desire ideas on how to tighten up their program will also enjoy this option. Sessions are based upon availability.

Food/Clothing Shopping with the Coach ~ As we heal our metabolism and achieve our ideal body composition our desire for wholesome foods change as does our self-esteem and self-image. One service I offer is to go food shopping with you at a local health food store. As we walk down the aisles I educate you on the plethora of foods sources/choices that are optimal in your body for your Blood Type. Food shopping sessions are limited to one hour as the information can become overwhelming. Clothing shopping has become a requested favorite among my clients as their bodies’ shrink and their self-awareness expand. We visit one store and play with various styles of clothing that are attractive and becoming on your new physique. Session time frame is based upon your needs and based upon availability.

Classroom Setting ~ Currently the classroom setting is limited to Fort Collins and surrounding areas. I offer a ‘set’ program based upon the needs of the facility. The classes for 2022, titled Take it OFF, Baby! Kleen Up What U Eat; and Balancing the Sugar Spike, are being made available through various locally owned fitness centers in Fort Collins. Classes range in size from 6-20 students. The basic Take it OFF, Baby! program is geared for 24 weeks with the option to expand the BURN Fat phase for as long as the class would like to continue to burn fat. Information is provided in lecture style with each participant receiving a weekly spot-check. The class is one hour in length and held on a weekly basis. Throughout the program I will present various ‘options’ that can be incorporated each week. It is up to the individual to select the best choice for their needs. The Kleen Up What U Eat; and Balancing the Sugar Spike courses both begin as a 6 week class with the option to extend, should all participants desire to benefit from a longer program.

Corporate Sessions/Talks ~ I am available for nutritional workshops; stress related workshops, guided mediations, and weekly nutrition talks in the Corporate environment. I work with your company’s Wellness Coordinator to create sessions based upon your members’ needs and your desired outcome. Many companies enjoy bringing in the Wellness Series which is a 3-part informative series on Nutrition designed to provide knowledge, education and practical tools that can be put to immediate use. Making changes in your nutritional lifestyle involves changes in Whole WELLNESS and Whole HEALTH to promote a Whole TRANSFORMATION. As Wellness grows within your company additional courses can be incorporated (as listed above) in addition to offering Personal Training in your on site facility.

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