ASK Dr Nadine ~ Tumeric for Carol

Hello Carol and thanks for writing in.

TURMERIC (Curcuma Longa) is used as a blood purifier, stimulant and vulnerary.   Vulneraries are herbs that encourage the healing of wounds by promoting cell growth and repair.

The root imparts its characteristic golden color to curry powder and most Indian dishes.  It’s Energy and Flavor:  spicy, bitter and warm.

Turmeric can be applied both internally and externally to heal wounds, relieve pain/inflammation in the limbs, break up congestion and can be used to restore the loss of blood during child birth.  It holds great benefit to the circulatory system and it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.  Turmeric is also used for reducing fevers and for nose bleeds.

One tsp of powdered turmeric root can be taken twice daily to help regulate the menus or to prevent or lessen PMS symptoms.  It gently activates liver functionality to help regulate and balance the hormones.

Another concoction found helpful in stretching ligaments and reducing menstrual cramps consists of: a tsp of turmeric powder + a tsp of almond oil + a cup of warm milk enjoyed  one to two cups are daily.

Thanks again for writing in ~Dr Nadine

ASK Dr Nadine ~ response for Omega 3’s for Heart and Joint Health

Hello Carol, and thank you for the kudo’s on the ‘new look’ of the blog. In response to your question about Omega 3?s for heart and joint health.
The essential fatty acids (EFA) include linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic adics, known as vitamin F. They are all polyunsaturated fatty acids that cannot ordinarily be synthesized by the body. Alpha-linolenic, an Omega-3 found in special oils such as Flax seed (linseed), and Udo’s Blend, is also essential and is the precursor of the other important Omega-3 oils EPA and DHA commonly found in fish. Ideally we need more Flaxseed and Fish Oils than any other.

EFA’s the are important for normal growth, the health of the blood vessels and nerves, and to keep the skin and other tissues lubricated and youthful. A general Health recommendation is that our diet provide between 20-30 percent of our overall caloric intake from Healthy Fats. That might look like 1 TBS of Flaxseed oil in meal #1, then 3 Fish Oil capsules spread throughout the day in other meals in addition to other fats.

YOUR adult, with prior ligament injuries, will find greater HEALING results with increased Fish Oil quantities. The quantity will greatly depend on how THEY are processing the fat and how much inflammation they have. Others who have experienced similar issues have found healing with the following regime:
* begin with 1 TBS of Flaxseed oil + 3 Fish Oil capsules a day.
* increase to 1 TBS of Flaxseed oil (twice a day) + 6 Fish Oil capsules a day
* Keep the Flaxseed the same and increase to 9 Fish Oil Capsules a day.

I would like to hear more about how your adult progresses. Remember Tumeric also will reduce inflammation. And NO SUGAR!!!!!! Sugar increased inflammation.