Restore my Soul – Nourishing Your Womb Space workshop

Ladies this is for Your Eyes ONLY. If you are a Dude. Awesome… Please share this with a wonderful woman in your life.  This workshop will be held in Fort Collins.

Have you been feeling like your world has turned upside down? Have your Emotions been all over the place? Or have you been feeling like an alien has taken over your body???

It is totally understandable with multiple planets in retrograde and the string of Eclipses we are entering. As Mother Earth shifts and changes making her way towards Balance it is super important that WE Join together and bring Balance to our bodies and to the Divine Feminine within each of us.

I would love to spend the afternoon with you on Sunday, July 29th to Nourish Your Womb Space. We will begin at 1 pm. Anyone with a female body and a desire to step into Balance and Own your Womb Space are welcome, regardless if you still have the ‘parts’. In this intimate setting you will Release others from your second Chakra; Reset your Hormones as you Reclaim and Restore your Feminine Power. It will be an afternoon to Nourish and Nurture Yourself and Your Womb. You will leave feeling Refreshed, Balanced and Empowered within Your Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality.

Catch your fancy?? Click this LINK for more information.…/

This will be an intimate class with room for 11 ladies.
I would love for one of those Ladies to be YOU!

~ Dr Nadine

Nadine’s Personal Mission Statement

As I embrace the empowerment model of Naturopaths, my mission is to provide sound nutritional knowledge and education, making it possible for each individual to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of their health and overall well-being. With this new found knowledge, to then make new eating and lifestyle choices along the way allowing for improved quality of life and for greater self-awareness, self-discovery, internal balance and self-healing.

My commitment to YOU
When I made it through my Cervical Cancer ordeal in 2004, I committed my life to educating others on how to heal their bodies with food. I am dedicated to co-creating results with you as you take ownership of your eating habits, exercise habits and inner self-talk. During your process you truly will Unveil Your Beautiful Physique Within. I am committed to walking by your side, for as long as your personal fat loss transformation takes, providing Knowledge, Education and Support, as you learn to EMPOWER yourself. With this empowerment you truly will have the tools needed to Create Lifestyle Changes that Last a Lifetime and achieve the body and healthy lifestyle of your dreams. It is an honor and privilege for ME to experience YOU as you take new steps, spread your wings… and FLY… ~Nadine

Nutrition: Homeopathic Remedies

In working with Nadine, in either a Private Individual, or Family Nutrition Session, you may be exposed to information on HERBS, SPICES and Homeopathic Remedies. The following is intended to shed a bit of light in that arena and spark further interest, as you continue your path to overall health and wellness.

Homeopathy is a two-hundred-year-old medical system that can be used at home to care for a wide spectrum of mild-to-moderate acute health issues. Homeopathy works with us, not on us. When remedies are selected correctly, they act rapidly, deeply and curatively, stimulating the body’s defenses rather than simply suppressing symptoms. The best reason to use homeopathic remedies/medicines in self-care is that they work, another is their low cost.

Homeopathic medicines are exceptional, as they can greatly enhance deep healing without the harmful side effects so commonly caused by conventional medicines. According to homeopathic philosophy, health is defined as: a state of freedom existing on 3 inter-related levels: the physical, the emotional and the mental. The mental state is considered the most important followed by the emotional state then the physical state.

In your own travels of gathering healing information, you may have been exposed to the concept that Healing takes place from the Inside-Out, dealing with the Last issue that showed up, and from the Head down. That is the very premise of Hering’s Laws of Cure followed by Homeopaths and Naturopaths .

Hering’s Laws of Cure

  • Law I ~ healing progresses from the deepest part of the organism (mental, emotional levels and vital organs) to the external parts. [Inside-Out]
  • Law II ~ symptoms appear and disappear in the reverse of their original chronological order of appearance [Last will be First, First will be Last]
  • Law III ~ healing progresses from the upper to the lower parts of the body [Top-to-Bottom]

Symptoms can be either Particular or General in nature. Particular symptoms refer to local symptoms associated with a specific part of the body (throat pain, cold feet). General symptoms are those felt by the entire body (chills, aches, exhaustion).

The following Guidelines for the Proper Care, handling and storage of homeopathic remedies are offered, should you choose to embrace homeopathic remedies in your own self-care.

Prevent exposure to sunlight, intense light and temps higher than 100 degrees F
Prevent exposure to strong odors like camphor and perfumes
Keep medicines in their original containers
Do not contaminate the medicine
Only open ONE remedy at a time
Throw away any excess pills if they come out of the bottle
Replace contaminated meds

SOUL Food in stores

breaking news…

The app for SOUL Food has now been downloaded in 21 countries.
The cards themselves are available for purchase
online :
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* Northern Lights Bookstore ~ Fort Collins
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Please contact Nadine to have SOUL Food Deck One in YOUR place of businessSF_NorthernLights2

Springing into You ~ Dr Nadine’s Nuggets

logosite.jpgHello and Welcome to a Spring edition of NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Iridology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

Spring is such a lovely time filled with Possibility and Excitement. Knowing that flowers will be popping up from their fertile hideaway from months past. We, too are like those flowers. Many of us have been in a hideaway in the past months, steeped in fertile ground, simply waiting for the chance to break through the topsoil and rise towards the sun. With possibility in the wind, Who are you? What will you become? What will you Stand For?

So many times I hear folks list out their new years resolutions, only to see them fall by the wayside by March. My personal belief is that we do not follow through with those resolutions because they are old, they are habit, they are soooooo five minutes ago. One of my favorite sayings is “Been There!, Done That!, Have the t-shirt (usually in every size)!”  Since we have already learned all there is to learn from that resolution or way of being we quickly lose interest.

Looking back or repeating old behavior holds no value. We want to learn. We want to grow. Like that new flower, we want to poke our new little head out of the fertile ground and reach for the sun. With an opportunity to explore uncharted territory, asking ourselves “Who am I? What do I want to become? What will I Stand For?”, become vital.

Spring is a wonderful time to explore new behavior(s), or new ways of being. As an example, let’s say Joe would like to explore the concept of Kindness. For today, Joe might look for 1-2 ways in which he can be kind to himself first and foremost (eat a good breakfast, take a shower, congratulate himself on a job well done, etc). Then how he can show kindness to another (open a door, say thank you, play with his cat, etc). Tomorrow, repeat the process, starting with himself first, then expanding to another. Before long, Kindness will be Joe’s new habit or way of being.

Affirmation: I matter to ME! As I learn to be KIND to myself, I can then be Kind to others.

Lisa has put everyone and everything first in her life. If you asked Lisa where she fits in the list of priorities, she will be the first to tell you, “I don’t matter, your needs are important, I come last”. My response?? BULL DO HICKEY!!! (and yes that is slang for crapola, major crapola). What if Lisa were to explore Self-Value. Lisa can begin small, with 5 minute sections just for her. I had a client who used to take ‘smoking breaks’. Mind you, she did not smoke, but those who did were given a 15 min smoking break multiple times during the day while at work. So my client would grab a pack of cigarettes and go out and stand by a tree to simply take some time for HER. Rather than a smoking break, we can create a Lisa Break. Here are a ideas Lisa might explore.

  • Put on a song, and while the entire song is playing, Lisa get’s to indulge in something for herself (dancing around the room, trying on fun clothes, sitting quietly). Songs usually last 3-15 minutes. Wow, Lisa can build on this one and choose to Value herself for an entire CD.
  • Hang a Lisa’s Time sign on the bedroom door. While that sign is hanging, no-one gets to bother Lisa. Inside Lisa might be enjoying a nap, a bubble bath, painting her nails etc. Anything, so long as LISA is the focus. This activity is great for 30 -60 mins. The key to this activity is honoring the sign. That means Lisa must also honor this boundary. Someone will attempt to break it. So it is key that Lisa honor this by saying.. I value myself. This is MY time.
  • Wear a Lisa Hat ~ while the hat (any item will work) is ON, everyone can see Lisa, and Lisa can see them, however, each person must rely on themselves or other family members/co-workers etc. This one gives Lisa the ability to supervise or chaperon etc without hearing, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.

Affirmation: I am Valuable. Each time I Value MYSELF I allow others to see my self-worth and value me as well.


Jill has an old habit/pattern of being alone, very quiet and staying hidden. She would dearly love to be Visible and Acknowledged. Before others can see her or acknowledge her, Jill must learn to see herself, acknowledge herself. Let’s explore a few action steps Jill might take as she embraces this new way of being.

  • First thing in the morning, find a mirror, look at herself and say I See You
  • Throughout the day, every time Jill passes a reflective surface, Stop, look into the reflective surface and acknowledge herself with the statement: I See You Jill.
  • Acknowledgment Journal ~List 3 things to acknowledge yourself for. This can be done anytime during the day and is a great way to end the day. The wording is something like this: I acknowledge myself for putting on my socks. I acknowledge myself for choosing healthy foods today. I acknowledge myself for smiling at the clerk at the store. I acknowledge myself for embracing a new behavior.

Affirmation: I love being Seen. The more I acknowledge myself the more I can see myself. I AM Visible in the world.

Such glorious flowers are blooming when we each embrace a new behavior. A new way of being. The key is to do it for YOU first and foremost. Once you practice on YOU, the behavior can be practiced on those around you, those safe to you. Then the behavior can be practiced on those outside of that inner circle.

iPad_111Excitement IS in the air as you Spring into You. May you experience both rain and sunshine during this time of growth and expansion. And remember, as you learn a new behavior/talent etc, mistakes are part of the process. The point is, you are Learning. You are Growing. If you try out a process that truly does not work for you, prune it, or pass it along for another. May your bouquet be filled with Variety, Color, Scents and Glory.

~ Glory +Color+ Delight

Dr Nadine


Nadine is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist, as such, can not and will not diagnose a disease, claim to cure a disease or prescribe medications. Dr Nadine provides knowledge; making it possible to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of your overall health and well-being. Making new eating and lifestyle choices along the way will allow improvement in quality of life and allows for greater self-awareness, self-discovery, internal balance and self-healing.

SOUL Food landed in IRELAND

We received word today that SOUL Food has landed in IRELAND..  This makes the 11th country we have expanded into.

To date we are now in: Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Philippians, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA

My Goal is to have the app featured in the New & Noteworthy; and HOT Picks sections of itunes.

Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Winter Herbal Remedies

Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Winter Herbal Remedies

 Hello Dear Readers, and Welcome to a Winter edition of NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.Hello and Welcome to a Winter edition of NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

Due to the feedback I received on the last edition of the Healing properties found in SPICES common to most kitchens, my intention was to have this issue focus on more of the same.  However it appears another round of ‘crud’ has landed with folks experiencing some deep seeded coughing bouts or sinus issues that do not seem to let go.  In an effort to assist everyone on feeling better, I thought to send out a ditty on a few Herbal Remedies I have found useful.  These remedies can be located at your local health stores [Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, Sprouts, etc].  Some stores will carry either the same brand or something very similar.  The key here is to look at what the remedy is for.  Each of these remedies listed below can be taken alone or in combination with another remedy.

Osha Root Complex Syrup by Herbs Etc is a fast acting dietary supplement for a nasty cough. Osha Root Complex Syrup promotes healthy throat tissues.  Calms the cough almost immediately.  Provides a protective coating to the throat tissues. Dilates the bronchioles, decreases lung congestions, liquefies lung secretions and promotes expectoration.  The ingredients in this complex syrup include: Osha root, White Pine bark, Black Cherry bark, Spikenard root, Balsam Poplar bud and Bloodroot root in a glycerine/gum arabic syrup base.  Contraindications: Do not use in pregnancy

Note:  if your store does not have Osha Root Complex Syrup, check out Serious Cough by Wish Garden, a soothing formula to help clear coughs and reduce non-productive coughing.  Great taken at the first sign of a lung infection, or helpful for a cough that just won’t go away!

Deep Lung & Bronchials by Wish Garden Herbs resolves deep lung and lower respiratory conditions.  This remedy provides bronchial relaxing. It is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and very soothing. This remedy contains strength-building and tonifying herbs to tone and nourish lungs and mucous membranes.  Great for long-term lung issues, lung weakness, asthma, and for recovering smokers. The active ingredients include Osha Root, Yerba Manza root, Elecampane root, Mullein leaf, Yarrow flowers, Yerba Santa leaf, Licorice root and Garlic.  

Kick-Ass Immune by Wish Garden Herbs truly is a first line for immune defense.  This remedy boosts natural resistance, stimulates and supports the immune system during acute illness.  It is especially effective when taken at the first signs of illness such as sneezing or a scratchy, soar throat.  When I first purchased this incredible mix of herbs, I got the smallest bottle available.  Now I keep a 2 oz bottle on hand.  Most health food stores will even have Kick-ass Immune by the check out registers.  The active ingredients include Ingredients: Echinacea root & flower, Goldenseal root, Osha root, Baptisia root, Yarrow flower, Elder flower and Yerba Santa leaf.

Super Sinus by Dr Daves Herbal Medicine, relieves symptoms such as post-nasal drip, a runny or stuffed up nose, clogged head and frontal headaches.  Super Sinus moistens and loosens the sinus cavities, transforms phlegm, circulates blood while it drives out blood stasis and clears heat toxins.  The key ingredients include Reed Decoction (Wei Jing Tang) and Xanthium Powder (Cang Er Zi San). The  Reed Decoction: Phragmitis (Lu Gen), Coix (Yi Yi Ren), Benincansa Seed (Dong Gua Ren) and Peach Seed (Tao Ren).

Affirmation:  I allow the healing properties of these herbs to soothe my body and allow me to rest.

I mentioned above that each of these can be taken individually or combined.  As an example, should a person be experiencing a very nasty cough with sinus crapola, the Osha Root Complex Syrup can be combined with Super Sinus and Kick-Ass Immune in a small portion of warm water and sipped like tea or downed in a few gulps.  Follow the suggested dosages provided on each remedy.

Note:  drinking coffee is counter productive with herbal remedies.  Meaning the coffee will negate the healing properties provided in the tincture.

The last piece of information I will include in this Nuggets is JUICE PLUS+®.  The Orchard and Garden Blend provides added whole food based nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient capsule form.  The ingredients provide a wide range of nutritional benefits which include: delivers key antioxidants and other phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body, reduces oxidative stress, reduces systemic inflammation, helps support a healthy immune system, supports cardiovascular wellness, supports healthy skin, to name a few.

Juice Plus+ is made from fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables, and is carefully tested to ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product.  As a cancer survivor, I have been taking a double dosage of Juice Plus+ since 2003 to build my immune system. Here is a link to my Juice Plus+ websiteThere is a short video should you desire to explore this option in greater depth.  You can order directly from that website.

Affirmation:  I embrace new options that allow my body to Heal.  Options that allow my immune system to become stronger.

Thank you for joining me for another addition of Nadine’s Nuggets.  Until next issue…
~ Calm Lungs+ Clear Sinuses+ Happy Body
Dr Nadine


Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ SPICE o Rama

Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ SPICE-0-Rama

 Hello Dear Readers, and Welcome to the August edition of NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

Thank you for your assistance in making a smooth transition to the Mail Chimp software. Please do take a few minutes to Update your Profile (click here) information to ensure you are greeted with your name rather than Hello (empty space). The update provides options to receive reminders for upcoming events, publications etc. This issue explores the Healing properties found in SPICES common to most kitchens. So, without further adieu let’s begin.

TURMERIC (Curcuma longa) can be used as a blood purifier, liver detoxifier, stimulant and vulnerary. Vulneraries are herbs that encourage the healing of wounds by promoting cell growth and repair.

The characteristic golden color of curry powder and most Indian dishes comes from the rhizome or root of this plant. It has a spicy flavor and a warm, bitter energy.

Turmeric can be applied both internally and externally to heal wounds, relieve pain/inflammation in the limbs, break up congestion and can be used to restore the loss of blood during child birth. It is very beneficial to the circulatory system and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

One teaspoon of powdered turmeric root can be taken twice daily to help regulate the menus or to prevent or lessen PMS symptoms. It gently activates liver functionality, becoming a natural liver detoxifier, to help regulate and balance the hormones.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric are helpful in treating arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, whereas the natural antiseptic and antibacterial agents are useful in disinfecting cuts and burns. Turmeric is also used for reducing fevers and nose bleeds.

Affirmation: I can allow my body to release pain and inflammation as I add flavor to my meal with turmeric

CINNAMON (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) is a stimulating herb used to increase energy, drive circulation, break up obstructions and mucus, and will warm the body. The demulcent properties of Cinnamon will sooth any mucilage and can protect damaged or inflamed tissues. The carminative properties can relieve gas and griping.

Cinnamon warms the system and is useful when added to balance cooling foods such as fruits, milk and desserts. Medicinally it is used to warm the organs to treat chronic diarrhea, cramps, heart and abdominal pains, coughing, wheezing and lower back pain. Simmered in milk and taken with a little honey, cinnamon is very effective for the relief of indigestion, gas, diarrhea and dysentery.

I recommend all of my clients, and especially those with Type II Diabetes, take 1 TBS of Cinnamon a day to help moderate their blood glucose levels. Studies have shown that Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels, increase the natural production of insulin and lower blood cholesterol.. I personally use Cinnamon as a way to ‘sweeten’ my food and keep any ‘cravings’ at bay.

Affirmation: My organs are warmed and mucus released as cinnamon enters my system.

FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare) is crunchy and slightly sweet and most often associated with Italian dishes. This valuable seed spice combines several herbal and healing properties. It is an antispasmodic (used to prevent or relax muscle spasms); a carminative (used to relieve gas and griping); diuretic (used to increase the flow of urine); expectorant (used to assist in expelling mucus from the lungs and throat); and a stimulant (used to increase the energy of they body).

Fennel seeds contain aromatic or essential oils that are very similar in structure and activity to those of Catnip and Peppermint. While Catnip oils are better suited for use in infants, Fennel is especially effective against flatulence in adults. Should you find yourself away from home without your digestive enzymes handy, chewing a small portion of Fennel seeds will relieve the gas, bloating and gripping from the meal you just consumed.

A tea (decoction) can be made using one teaspoon of crushed seeds in a cup of boiled water, steeped for twenty minutes and used to treat colic, cramps and gas and to expel mucus. The cooled tea can be used externally as an eyewash. You will see Fennel used in herb formulas containing strong laxatives to prevent gripping and in cough syrups to prevent chronic coughs.

Affirmation: Hallelujah, no more gas or gripping after that thanksgiving meal by chewing a few fennel seeds.

I was going to add in GARLIC, the world-renowned cure-all as a home remedy in practically every culture, then looked at the length of this NUGGETS. Should you find value in this information, please leave comments on the blog, or send in an email. If you want information on specific Spices or Herbs, let me know and I will do my best to deliver. Until the next publication, may you be pain, inflammation and gas free

~ Flavorful+ Colorful+ Delightful
Dr Nadine