Listed below are the forms used at creating results during the course of your Healing, Fat Loss or Muscle/Weight gain program. Feel free to adjust the Tracking and Measurements forms to fit your individual needs.

Informed Consent ~ Your signed Informed Consent is to accompany your in-depth Personalized Diet Analysis submission package. Click to View

Diet Analysis Intake Form ~ This is used to provide key information for your in-depth Personalized Diet Analysis. PRINT out this form. Complete ALL sections. If you eat something you do not feel Nadine will be able to find in her database, provide the key nutritional information on the item. [serving size, cals, protein, carbs, sugar, fat, etc] Payment for the in-depth Personalized Diet Analysis will accompany this form. Click to View

Tracking Form ~ This excel document contains five tabs used for:

  • Stabilizing ~ This tab is used during the entire Stabilizing phase of your program to provide high-level information to Coach Nadine. Stabilization is currently designed for 12 weeks and can be adjusted to fit your program. This form is submitted to Coach Nadine on a weekly basis during your Stabilizing phase.
  • BURN Fat ~ This tab is designed for use during the BURN Fat phase of your program. Instructions for use will be provided right before you begin. It is currently designed for 2 weeks and will need to be adjusted as your Fat loss program progresses. This information is submitted to Coach Nadine on a weekly basis during the BURN Fat phase.
  • Daily Food Log Master ~ This tab can be used if you desire to track your daily food intake on the computer. It has been designed to auto calculate your macronutrient numbers once they are entered into the appropriate fields. You will need to set up a daily system for your use. Some individuals set up a new tab file for each day of the week. This form is for your use and can be submitted to Coach Nadine when she needs to view the foods you are eating to make needed adjustments to your program. You are free to use any tool to track your daily food intake; the point is TRACK your food.
  • Paper/ Pencil Log Master ~ This tab can be used if you desire to track your daily food intake using paper/ pencil. This is the most recommended form of tracking food since you can track it anytime, anywhere, and restrictions need not apply. Should you use this method, get a 3-ring binder, have this master tab photocopied back to back, and place all copies in your binder ready for your use.
  • Short List~ This tab was designed to list the most common foods you find yourself eating. That way the key information is in one place rather than having to look it up in a book each time you eat that particular brand/food etc. Click to View

Measurements Form ~ This can be used to track your body measurements. We use this form in the office and take your measurements at the start of your Stabilizing phase, the start of your BURN Fat phase, and then monthly throughout the BURN Fat phase. This document can be adjusted for your needs. Click to View