Iridology is the study and analysis of the neuro-optic reflex. Examination of the iris can reveal the pathological, structural, functional and emotional disturbances within the body. Iridology is an excellent natural health assessment tool which aids the practitioner in identifying potential strengths and health challenges within a client, without diagnosing disease.

The iris receives impressions from all over the body via the direct connection of the surface layers of the iris with the sympathetic nervous system ~ called the neuro-optic reflex. Once these impressions are received, the iris then reveals the characteristics of the body tissues, the presences of acids, anemia and catarrh; hyper or hypo functionality of the endocrine glandular systems; along with determining conditions of the autonomic and central nervous systems in relationship to the organs.

An Iris Evaluation should provide information on:

  • the physical factors that might be contributing to the present complaints/issues
  • how past suppressions may have set up the current problems being experienced
  • the organs/areas of the body needing support or treatment to increase vitality and regain balance
  • current lifestyle and emotional habits that may be contributing to the current condition
  • information on how to maintain overall health and practice preventative measures.

Dr Nadine completed the Iridology Theory and Practice Certification Program through Clayton College of Natural Health in June 2010. Contact her today to schedule your Iris Evaluation.