Program Phases

Dr Nadine uses the following FOUR Phased approach in your Nutrition Program. Your personalized program allows you to increase your vitality as you achieve hormonal balance, and optimal health and well-being.

In-depth Personalized Diet Analysis ~ One time event that provides key information to the start of your program! You will use an intake form to provide information about your eating and exercise habits as well as your past eating history. The intake form requests a detailed listing (3 days worth) of the foods your body is currently eating and processing. Please give me the real food you are used to, not what you think I want to see. I am looking for information on what your metabolism is doing right now; so, if it goes in your mouth, it goes on the paper. Additionally, I will send you a Metabolic Typing Questionnaire that provides insight into whether your body requires more proteins, carbohydrates or a mixed blend of the two. I will then analyze your information and provide a detailed report on your current intake of protein, carbs, fat, sugar and sodium. The affects your current eating and exercise regime have on your overall health and well-being, as well as, the ‘look’ of your physique will be addressed. I also provide information on free radicals, oxidative stress, antioxidants and EFA’s (essential fatty acids). We will discuss your in-depth Diet Analysis for approximately 45 minutes. At that time, should you desire to move forward, we would then begin the process of stabilizing your body.

Stabilizing Phase ~ My job is to teach you how to stabilize your body with food as well as educate you about the kinds of food you typically eat and their overall affect on your physique, metabolism and immune system. This is a process of CHANGE. We will be laying the foundation for your entire fat loss program during this stage, turning your metabolism ON, and priming your body to burn food as fuel rather than store it as fat. During this phase we are discovering the correct ‘mix’ of foods your body needs for optimal performance as well as learning the foods that work with/or against your body. While each person is different, I have found that laying a foundation over a 10-12 week period sets you up for a WIN. If you are an athlete targeting a specific goal, it is common to be in the stabilizing phase for up to six months. Understand that the Stronger your Foundation, the Stronger your Fat loss program will be. This is a huge time for re-Education. It is a process of CHANGE. Once your body is really turned ON, and your mind is prepared, we will then begin the process to attack the fat. One question I hear repeatedly is will I drop Fat during the Stabilizing phase? It is possible for a body to begin releasing fat during this phase; however, it is not our focus. Our focus is to stabilize the body and to provide a foundation for fat loss. Typically my clients remain within 1-2 pounds of their starting weight during this phase. I have had a few clients who have dropped up to 20-30 pounds during this phase. I will also tell you, their main diet consisted of pop and sugar products and that ANY positive change to their program was going to create a shift in weight. When you teach the body that we are going to feed it, and feed it often, the body will begin to trust you; therefore, allowing the body to release its fat.

BURN FAT ~ This is a time of Magic and a time for huge personal growth. This is the phase when your body shifts the most. It is also the most challenging for YOU because we have a tendency to want it ALL and most of us want it yesterday. Dropping FAT is a process, especially if you want to keep it off permanently. Allow me to take on the responsibility of getting the fat off your body. My job is to make your fat as miserable as possible so that it wants to seek life else where… meaning OFF YOUR BODY. Your job is to EAT, Learn and follow the program that has been designed specifically for you.

There are foods the body likes. Those are usually the foods we need to remove for a time so the fat can be released from the body. Setting Realistic Goals is a must during this phase of the program. You can anticipate releasing up to 2 pounds of fat each week. In my experience most women drop an average of 1.5 pounds a week; men drop an average of 2 pounds a week. It is both unhealthy and unrealistic to drop more than 2 pounds a week. Remember we want to drop FAT not water or your hard earned muscle. When you hear reports of dropping 10 pounds or more in a week, it is usually water weight, a major loss of muscle or the person cut off their leg (just kidding). Once your body understands that we are in the process of dropping fat, and you begin shedding layers of fat (protection) the ‘new you’ has the potential to become vulnerable. I provide a few tools to assist each person along their own Journey. These tools assist from the Inside-Out as we attack the fat from the Outside-In. It is an honor for me to watch each person grow, change, spread his or her wings and fly.

Maintenance Phase ~ Once you have hit your fat loss goals, we shift into the process of teaching you how to maintain this lifestyle of eating for a lifetime. Certain foods that work with your body will be reintroduced back to your program. During this stage of the game, I slowly hand the reigns over to you, so that you learn how to run your own program. It is common for the body to regain about 10-15% of the total amount of fat you released. So if you dropped 35 lbs of fat during your BURN Fat phase, anticipate a 3-5 pound gain during the Maintenance phase. This is a time for your body to re-adjust to foods coming back in. You might also notice a shifting of your look in the mirror. This is the weight you want to maintain for some time. At the completion of your Maintenance phase, you have an Education, Tools that Work, a Process that works repeatedly and Empowerment to continue the Lifestyle choices that serve you. You never need another coach. You may want one for support and inspiration, however you have all the tools needed to run another program for yourself should you chose to further challenge your physique.

Why might you consider hiring a Coach to assist you in your Fat Loss or Muscle/Weight Gain efforts?

What a great question to ask yourself. Have you thought about how you learn the best or what type of support you would like to have or want to have along your Fat Loss or Muscle/Weight Gain Journey? Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios and see if any of these fit your needs.

Are you the type of person who can purchase a computer software package, load it and be off and running? Or buy a “How To” book, read it, digest all of the information and be able to complete the project? If you are able to read something once and follow the instructions on your own, you may have no desire to hire a coach for the educational side of things.

Are you the type of person who loads the computer software package then reads the manual over and over trying to figure out what to do? Or you read the “How To” book and no matter how many times you reread a passage it just doesn’t make sense. If this scenario fits, hiring a coach may be a wise choice to make. You now have a knowledgeable source to answer questions, concerns, and maybe fill in all the blank spaces in-between. Once you get a feel for the benefits of having a coach on board, you may question yourself as to WHY you ever attempted to drop fat or gain muscle/weight without one.

Are you the type of person who needs someone sitting by your side to teach you the computer software package? Do you need someone who can simplify the key concepts or show you a few short cuts contained within your software? If so, hiring a willing coach who can teach and educate you might be the one thing needed to keep you on your program.

The point is there is no right or wrong answer. What do You WANT for YOU?Dropping Fat is about making great changes in your life. Some of these changes happen physically, some happen emotionally others happen mentally. During your fat loss program you will be acquiring knowledge and gaining powerful tools for future use. Knowing that, hiring a coach might be an Empowering choice you make for YOU!

what lies behind us, and what lies before us
are small matters compared to
what lies within us!