Eat 4 Your Blood Type

As you might have figured out by now, I specialize in Eating for your Blood Type and sat for my certification as a Blood Type Biometrics Practitioner through The Institute for Human Individuality at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in April of 2005.

Since that time I have shared numerous success stories with clients who have followed Eating for Your Blood Type as a way of life. Those successes include, but are not limited to: reducing the intake of medicines (as approved by their medical practitioner), allowing the body to heal naturally from the inside out, and an increased quality of life and overall sense of well-being.

I highly recommend any and all of the Eat for Your Blood Type books written by Dr Peter d’Adamo. Within those pages you will discover there are three major categories of food.

  • BENEFICIAL Foods~ Act like medicine, they feed the body at a cellular level and allow Natural HEALING to occur. Recent books by Dr d’Adamo include information on SUPER. BENEFICIAL Foods.
  • NEUTRAL Foods~ Act as yummy food in your body. Within Dr d’Adamo’s recent books, this category has been expanded into Neutral’s a person can enjoy all the time, and those we might want to choose every now and then.
  • AVOID Foods~ Act like a POISON in your body and should be avoided at all costs!!!

During an In-Depth Diet Analysis, after we discover whether your body is currently receiving the correct nutrients in adequate amounts to NOURISH and HEAL, I will provide a suggested food list appropriate to your blood type.

A goal would be to remove an AVOID food and replace it with a BENEFICIAL or Neutral food.

The body will heal itself when it is given the correct tools to do so. Change takes time. It is a Process. I work with you and by your side to create this change. My goal is to assist you to Create Lifestyle Changes that LAST your Lifetime.

May you find your internal balance as you embrace these changes
~ Dr Nadine