Personal Training: Coaching Options

Gym/Health Club ~ Dr Nadine is available by appointment only.   Hourly sessions are the most popular. Groups of 2 (hourly) and individual half hour sessions are also available.

Private In Home Training ~ Do you have your own equipment in your home? Need extra inspiration to get it done OR knowledge on how to train with correct form?? Contact Dr Nadine if you desire to have your Personal Trainer come to you. Sessions are booked in hourly time slots. Mileage/gas is an extra fee.

Private in Home Training (my home) ~ This option is available to those who are not ready for a large gym environment and who desire to work on their core, balance and flexibility. Training items available include: Total Gym XL, BOSU, Fit ball, Versa disc, assorted weights and a kickboxing arena. Sessions are booked in hourly time slots.

Workout Program Design ~ A Workout Program will be designed for you based upon your current level of lifting/exercise abilities and your future lifting/exercising needs. Each program is good for 4-6 weeks in duration. At that time a new program would need to be written to stimulate further muscle growth. The intensity of the program will shift based upon your overall physique goals/needs.

Contest/Event Preparation ~ Contest preparation for a Fitness, Figure or Bodybuilding show can include nutrition prep for the contest, posing rounds as you approach your contest and workout design if desired. Note:  Posing is KEY to showing off your physique.  Mandatory Poses and Routine creation are available.  Note:  I do not do Bikini posing.  Preparation for a Photo Shoot or Modeling Event can include nutrition prep and workout design. Let me know your needs and we can create a program to fit them. 

Posing/Routine Design ~ I offer weekly posing sessions in preparation for your upcoming Bodybuilding competition. We focus on your Mandatory poses, Stage Presentation and your Routine. Note:  I do not do Bikini posing.

Corporate Training ~ Bring Dr Nadine to your work site. Many companies have a wonderful exercise facility on site in an effort to build moral, bust stress and support a wellness program. Allow Dr Nadine to assist your efforts with an exercise program focusing on core strength, improved balance and flexibility, stretching and building lean muscle mass.

Raise the BAR in Your Overall Wellness efforts.

Create the RESULTS you want