Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Fun Protein Packed Recipes

Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Fun Protein Packed Recipes

Hello Dear Friends. Welcome to a new edition of Dr. NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

I apologize for the delay in writing a news letter. My attention has been on completing my Iridology Certification and getting the SOUL FOOD cards ready for production. Stay posted on the cards as they ARE coming!!!!! This issue offers a few Fun Protein Packed Recipes to try out, enjoy, and share. You are invited to visit the Blog out on the main website, post questions, leave comments and basically Come PLAY with me.

Power Balls
* 2 scoops of your favorite Protein powder
* added flavoring if you desire (cinnamon, orange extract, etc)
* 2 TBS Peanut Butter or Almond Butter (you might need to heat this just a scooch)
* 1/2 cup of dry Quinoa Flakes, Oat Flakes, Spelt Flakes etc
* a little water, almond milk, or soy milk to moisten the protein powder

mix all the above together.
Roll into smaller balls… if they are ‘sticky’ you can put them in a baggie with ground Flaxseeds or dry cocoa powder to coat the outsides.
pop in fridge or freezer to set. ~ ENJOY

Note: Power Balls are great at work, school, in a conference, on a hike, on a golf course, or any place you can have a bite here or a bite there. They are awesome frozen.

Affirmation: I allow my self to explore a new recipe, releasing my creativity… Yahoo… I get to PLAY!!!.

Protein Pudding
* 2 scoops of your favorite Protein powder
* 4 TBS ground Flaxseeds
* add in any spices/flavorings if you desire (vanilla, extracts, cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc)

Stir in cold water to the thickness of a ‘pudding’. If not COLD enough, or thick enough to YOUR desire, pop your creation in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. This makes a lovely cold treat loaded with Protein and Healthy Fats.

Note: This one is awesome when attending a conference. Carry your Protein Powder and Flax seeds in little baggies. Pitchers of ice water are usually provided. Mix your ingredients in a container then let it sit ON ice for another little bit. WOW… what a lovely thick treat either in the middle of the day… or at night when you want that ‘ice cream’ thing.

Affirmation: I release any fear around creating something new and different as I allow my Body to receive nourishment from my creations.

Oatmeal/Quinoa Pancakes
* 6-8 egg whites
* 1/2 cup dry Oats or Quinoa Flakes
* your desired flavorings
* Stevia to sweeten

Fluff this mixture up with a fork and allow to ‘set’… (I usually put it in the fridge overnight). Once ‘set’ or thickened,
Fry like a pancake.
Put a TBS of Almond Butter or Peanut Butter on top to get in your Healthy Fats.

Note: These pancakes are great for hikes, biking, trips, flights, etc. They travel very well. They can be made in advance and frozen. Be creative here.. There are no limits to what you can do with this pancake.

Affirmation: I feed my body healthy Protein, healthy Fats and a small portion of complex Carbs.


*** HOT *** Watch for news about Dr Nadine’s SOUL FOOD cards ~ Soulful Nourishment for the Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit. Our intention is to have them in production by October.

Nadine is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist, as such, can not and will not diagnose a disease, claim to cure a disease or prescribe medications. Dr Nadine provides knowledge; making it possible to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of your overall health and well-being. Making new eating and lifestyle choices along the way will allow improvement in quality of life and allows for greater self-awareness, self-discovery, internal balance and self-healing.