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Dr Nadine’s NuggetsFood Combining

Hello Dear Friends. Welcome to a new edition of Dr. NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

It has been a few months since I have sent out a news letter. This issue offers information about Food Combining to assist with improved digestion of food. You are invited to visit the Blog out on the main website, post questions, leave comments and basically Come PLAY with me.

From a Nutrition perspective, three important ways to improve food digestion, reduce food allergies and improve overall general health include creating an Acid-Alkaline Balance, Food Combining and Food Rotation. This issue of will focus on Food Combining. To enjoy the benefits of a healthy digestive system and to allow our bodies to utilize the nutrients from the food we eat, certain rules for the way food is combined within a meal need to be observed. The idea of combining food is to join two incomplete proteins (grains, legumes, nuts & seeds, and veggies) to obtain a complete protein.

The Basic guidelines for Food Combining are as follows:

  • Grains + Legumes (rice and beans)
  • Seeds + Legumes (sesame seeds with garbanzo beans)
  • Nuts + Legumes (tofu with sliced almonds)
  • Grains + Milk (hot oatmeal with milk)
  • Grains + Eggs (rice with eggs)
  • Veggies + Milk (cream soups)
  • Veggies + Eggs (salad with sliced eggs)

In addition, the following are some suggested guidelines to follow for combining food in an effort to assist the digestive system:

  • Fruits are to be eaten alone or with other fruits (not melons)
  • Milk is considered a food and is suggested to be eaten alone
  • Protein foods (meat) are not to be eaten with Starches (bread, potatoes). WHY?? For the best digestion, Proteins require an acid digestive medium while Starches require an alkaline one. When eaten together, they interfere with each other’s utilization, making digestion take longer and inefficient.
  • Eat One Protein source per meal (do not put steak with shrimp etc or cheese with meat). Mixing more than one protein source can be very taxing on the digestive track, and often provides an excessive amount of Bad fats with the protein.
  • DO Combine Protein + Veggies
  • DO Combine Starch + Veggies
  • Fruits and Simple Sugars are not to be eaten along with or after other food due to fermentation in the stomach, bloating, gas etc
  • Melons are to be eaten alone. Especially not to be eaten with other fruits
  • Fruits are best eaten in the morning

Affirmation: I feed my body the nutrients it needs in combinations that allow for digestive ease.

Affirmation: I allow my body to absorb the nutrients from the foods I combine.

Affirmation: I release any fear around creating a shift and allow my Body to receive nourishment from the foods I combine.

~ Receptive + Well-Being + Allowing