Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Tools for Holiday Eating



Dr Nadine’s NuggetsTOOLS for Holiday Eating

Hello Dear Friends. Welcome to a new edition of Dr. NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

I have much to be Thankful for as this holiday season embraces us with opportunities to show Kindness, Love and Self-care.  I mention SELF-CARE, for many times we as humans fall into the void of unconscious eating.  Folks mean well, however the end result is not always the Desired Outcome. This issue offers a few tips and tools for HOLIDAY EATING.  I invite you to email me for the full list of Tools so that you can create a wonderful holiday experience for yourself. You are invited to visit the Blog out on the main website, post questions, leave comments and basically Come PLAY with me.

TOOL #1: PRE-PLAN ~ I can’t say enough about planning ahead.  When you plan for an event, or meal, you have a structure to follow.  Once you have created the PLAN, STICK TO IT.  Do not leave  the house unprepared.

TOOLS for attending a Cocktail Party ~ Cocktail parties have lots of variety, come in small sizes and usually include many Healthy Options.

  • Look over ALL the options before putting ANYTHING on your plate.
  • Select the smallest size plate available.
  • Select 3-4 things to put on your plate.  Allow for SPACE in-between those items.
  • Move away from the table so that you are only eating from your plate.
  • You do NOT have to eat everything you selected.
  • THROW the plate away when you are complete to remove hand-to-mouth disease.

TOOLS for the never ending Office Cookie Plate ~ have we mentioned the word PRE-PLANNING????  One item off your PLAN is acceptable, however one item every hour, every day is a set up for failure, not to mention the possibility of gaining excess fat and overloading the bodies ability to handle the sugar intake.

  • Make a suggestion for all the food be placed in ONE spot, preferably a place you will not see or smell.  Most over eating is a head game.  If you can’t see it, you won’t want it.  It is that simple.
  • Suggest there be only ONE day for ‘excess’ food.
  • When you do eat the food, keep it to one room.  Avoid taking it to your desk.
  • Give yourself permission to have one junk food item out of every 9 healthy food items.

PRE-PLANNING is the key for success.  Celebrate EACH new SUCCESS as they happen.  Wherever you put your focus is what you will have more of.  When you Celebrate eating Healthy your body will love you right back and crave more of those Healthy choices.  Have a great Holiday season filled with Laughter, Joy and less of you for the New Year!

Affirmation: I practice SELF-CARE during this Holiday season

Affirmation: Loving Myself includes creating a Plan and FOLLOWING that Plan.

Affirmation: I CELEBRATE my SUCCESS each time I Love Myself by eating Healthy Food Choices.

Affirmation: I LOVE how my body FEELS when I eat Healthy, Energy Giving, Choices.

~ ENERGIZED + inCreased Vitatlity + CELEBRATION

Nadine is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist, as such, can not and will not diagnose a disease, claim to cure a disease or prescribe medications. Dr Nadine provides knowledge; making it possible to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of your overall health and well-being. Making new eating and lifestyle choices along the way will allow improvement in quality of life and allows for greater self-awareness, self-discovery, internal balance and self-healing.