Meditations by Dr Nadine

Thank you for your requests and interest in these Meditations. They have been created so ALL may participate and find value. Please listen to them from the tools, skills and abilities YOU are Mastering.

I would be honored if you share this page with any who are Asking and Allowing. I ask that each person be allowed to make their own Energy Exchange (payment) so we anchor in Trust, Value, and Flow. You will find Monthly Meditations; specific Chakra or concept Meditations; Clearing Meditations and more that ALLOW YOUR SHIFT!

Visit often.
Standing with you… in the Center of the LIGHT
~ Nadine

Process to Purchase and Download

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Here are Some of single Meditations you will find in the Store:
Breathing Meditation (7:32)
Centering Meditation (13:32)
Celebrating Completion Meditation (21:57)
Letting Go of What is Not You Mediation (35:56)

– (69 mins) MP3 ~ features 3 tracks that allow you to find your Center, and come Home to that place within your Heart.
Breathing Love (09:17) ~ Centering with your Breath. Breathing in Love and Light.
Angel Blue (26:40) ~ Clearing Chakras with the Blue Ray and Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
A Walk by a Stream (22:30) ~ Release anxiety, lack, doubt and overwhelm. Absorb Validation, Calm and Freedom.
bonus: Setting the Energy for the Day (11:12) ~ Put Attention on Intention with 3-word platform.


PERMISSION – (71 mins ) MP3 ~ features 5 tracks that clear out stuck, old Energy in the first three Chakra’s opening the door for you to give yourself PERMISSION to step into a new way of life.
Raphael’s Shift (17:33) – Release energy of survival, being powerless, helpless, and hopeless. Anchor in Balance, Stability and Ease with Archangel Raphael.
I Am Worthy (17:47) – Release guilt, shame, blame, lack and not enough. Anchor in I am Worthy, Valuable, Deserving, Lovable, and more with Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
Primal Release (14:58) – Release anger, rage, control, and resentment. Anchor in being Capable, Certain, Senior in my body, Commanding and Happy.
Violet Flame (14:31) – Transform Energy with St. Germain’s Violet Flame. Bring Harmony into the cells, blood, and hormones. Allow transformation in, through, and around your body and home.
Flow (6:12) – Absorb the gift in the vibration found in the Glass Armonica and the 9th Ray with the Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters.


TRANQUILITY – 93 mins ) MP3 ~ features 3 tracks that allow your Soul to expand. THIS is Who I AM.
Colored Body (25:03) – Bring Color into the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies to create harmony, balance and flow.
Unified Field of LIGHT (25:27 mins) – breaths the Golden Liquid Light into the Heart, then expands, encompassing each Chakra and the physical body into One Unified Field of LIGHT.
Absorb from All That Is (42:57) – Guides you to Absorb one Vibration from All That Is into each Chakra