Welcome To Coach Nadine!

Hello and Welcome to the Creating RESULTS Holistic Center with Dr Nadine, a Personalized Naturopathy and Nutrition Coaching site where together, we Consciously Create LIFESTYLE Changes that will LAST Your Lifetime. As a Naturopath and Sports Nutrition Specialist located in Fort Collins Colorado, Dr Nadine teaches that NUTRITION is the key that opens the gateway to your overall health and well-being. On this path you are invited to learn:

  • eat delicious nutrient dense foods aligned with your body and your blood type
  • balance your hormones and blood sugar levels which allows natural healing to occur
  • reverse and/or prevent the affects of accelerated aging and degenerative disease
  • increase your vitality to achieve balance and optimal health and well-being

With an established and balanced nutrient foundation, the next step on your path of wellness might include Personal Training to improve cardiovascular fitness and to increase mobility, flexibility and core strength. You can also create a change in body composition (fat content) since the body now has the ability to BURN FAT as fuel now that it contains the necessary nutrients to build and maintain lean muscle tissue, strength and endurance. 

You will find Inspiration, Knowledge, Support and Camaraderie. I hope you Desire to take a next step as you spend time here. Enjoy the site and Thank You for visiting us today. ~Nadine

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