nadir’s notes mon july11

Mon JUL 11th~ME as…

Foundation Words: Certain+ Encouraged+ Observant!!

NOTES :I am going to approach this week a bit differently. I need to set my FOCUS in the morning so am choosing to post my message first thing, then come back at the end of the day to update my information. Had a great 12 min spike right out of bed. Tried a new way to prep my yams for meal 1… totally AWESOME. I FEEL fulfilled and ready to crank on cardio now. Have not heard from my Coach… so am just GOING FOR IT.. another solid week of Heavy lifts, great Posing and Inch Loss.. Will be back later tonight.
So I am BAAACCKK.. had a ‘crash n burn’ today in the gym.. I was on a BOSU doing squats when suddenly the BOSU went one way and I went the other.. I landed, or shall I say my head/neck landed on the metal part of a bench.. took me down for the count.  have spent the rest of the day on ICE with my head UP.  Eyes look fine.  I am just freekin SORE.  So no 2nd cardio for this kid today..  Also got my new food line up… am ready to ROCK THIS BOAT!!!!

FAST Run: xxxx


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