Nadir’s Notes ~ 2011 prep to the Natural Northern USA

This is a place for ME to record my thoughts, my challenges, my victories as I pave my way to the 2011  Natural Northern USA’s to be held in Cleveland OH on October 1st. My Intention is to select three words daily that I desire to Wear, Explore, and BE.

You are welcome to read this, who knows, maybe through my own meanderings there will be something to help another.  Should you desire to leave a comment, please make it about the information within.  spammers are not welcome Please HONOR that .

*****  NOTE **** I changed the view of my blog so that my latest post will be on the TOP.  I trust this will assist in your viewing.  Thanks for following along with my progress. ~Nadine


Sunday  June 26th~ ME as… Unstoppable…  Unshakable….  Warrior… ME

Foundation Words:   New+ Abundant+ Interested

NOTES : Well here I go.  I have not written in my daily blog about my bodybuilding prep in a long time.  Some part of me just did not want to let others know I was going for this show.  However.  When I see it in PRINT it is REAL.  Entry form has been Submitted.  Accpetance has been RECEIVED.  So no to get the flight booked.

Day End:  my cardio was off today since I was writing an article.  But I am READY to TAKE IT ON starting at 515 am.

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