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Argh!!! Here I am AGAIN!!!!! I don’t want to deal with this anymore. Enough already! I thought I had dealt with this issue! Etc etc etc.

Have YOU ever felt that way? Or had those words stumbling out of your mouth? I know I have. Many times we find ourselves at a crossroads facing two choices: the old, well worn path, and the new uncharted territory.

I believe we WANT to grow. It is in our very nature to grow and expand. Yet many times, in the very instant we are called forth TO grow, we choose the old habit or old pattern of behavior. Why do we do that? My thoughts are the old path is very comfortable, it is safe with little or no risk involved. Bottom line, we already know the outcome. We may not like the results of that outcome, however if we are really honest with ourselves, WE DO KNOW what is going to happen.

When we were young and learning to write, we began by practicing the alphabet. Once we learned how to write out an a and an A, we moved on to b and B, then c and C, etc, until we had learned the entire alphabet. With mastery of each letter, we put a few together to form words like cat, act, tac, CAT or Cats. After all the ways of putting those three letters together we got BORED! We wanted something NEW. And soon the word Cat became Caterpillar.

Somewhere along the road, we forgot how much we want to grow. Comfort set in, routine set in, excuses formed. Rather than trying something new, we settled for less and find ourselves standing at that infamous crossroads.

My gut says: if we want to See a CHANGE, if we want to Experience a BREAKTHROUGH, we have got to Get UNCOMFORTABLE. I do not believe the change has to be painful, however it must be something totally different from what we have been doing. Join me in an investigation.

What is one thing you have been wanting to change or do differently? Take a few moments to write it down.

example: I want to ride my bike for 12 minutes each morning before breakfast

Next, list all of the things (behaviors, excuses, etc) that get in your way of accomplishing this task or change. Be specific. This is not about judgment or self-beat up. This is about becoming Aware of skills you have ALREADY MASTERED, skills you are Bored with, skills that are begging for change.

What gets in my way:
* I stay up late at night watching movies, reading a book etc
* I eat junk food late at night
* I hit the snooze button on my alarm in the morning
* I don’t set an alarm
* I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next full moon, etc

Take a few minutes to look over your list. Do you notice any old behavior? Old programming? Old mental tapes or excuses that get played repeatedly? If you were to hit the play button on any of those road blocks, would you learn something new? Would you be taking a risk? Would you grow? Would you expand? Would you have a new outcome?

If the response is a big fat NO, then you have Already MASTERED those skills. You are BORED with those skills.

With a goal in mind to Create something NEW, to See a CHANGE, to Experience a BREAKTHROUGH, let’s go over that same list and Get UNCOMFORTABLE. Where can you take a risk? Where can you grow? Where can you expand? Notice what kind or level of discomfort comes up for you. Using the bike example:

Ways to Risk:
* Turn off the movie/computer etc at 8 pm (minor discomfort)
* Don’t watch a movie at all (yuk I don’t like that one!!!!!)
* Play a game of Sudoku (different, and I can do it)
* Take a hot bath rather than watch a movie (this is new)
* Set my alarm for a specific time (you are crazy)
* Have the last meal by 6 pm. (but I get the munchies)
* Have hot tea after 6 pm (hmm that is new)
* Agree to send a note to a friend at the completion of my
12 min session (argh, someone is watching),  etc


This is your time to be creative. Remember, you are wanting to experience something NEW. You are wanting CHANGE. You are wanting BREAKTHROUGH. You are wanting different RESULTS. After you have compiled your list, pick ONE new thing to begin with and MAKE that ONE thing HAPPEN!

Very Nice. It is now time to MASTER the NEW!! As an amazing Spiritual Being I have no doubt you will create an opportunity to put your new skills to practice. Remember you will find yourself at the crossroads facing two choices: the old, well worn path, and the new uncharted territory. Pssssst.. you have permission to grow!

Until we meet again, Grow… Expand.. Master
~ Dr Nadine

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NADINE is a Naturopath and HolisticNutrition Specialist with over 30 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and teaches her clients the Art of building and maintaining lean muscle tissue as they drop body fat in a unique program designed for them. Nadine has coached all levels and genre of people and hastaught a variety of programs including but not limited to Personal and Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, and Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding. Nadine is available for seminars and workshops based on availability. For more information contact Dr NADINE at 970-443-2541, email: Nadine@CoachNadine.com or visit www.coachnadine.com

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