Available Classes/Seminars

available classes

Locations where I have taught classes:
World Gym (all locations in Colorado Springs)
Front Range Chiropractic
Ladies Fitness
Rising Star Communications Inc
Lynmar Racquet & Health Club
Merrill Lynch ~ South Denver
Vision Works International
The Other Club ~ Fort Collins
The New Fort Collins Pulse
Various Schools within School District 11 in Colorado Springs
Various Schools in Fort Collins

Hello Everyone!!! Nadine offers the following classes on an ongoing basis in Fort Collins, Loveland and Northern Colorado. Some classes do have a seating limit so please read all the information. The Upcoming Events section will provide actual dates and time information. CALL TODAY if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a seminar with Coach Nadine for your office or corporation.

Skillet Side ~ is limited to 6 participants ~ pre-registration is a MUST
Do you need help planning a day of food? Skillet Side is Cooking Class filled with Fun and Laughter. Coach Nadine will design a ‘full day’ menu based upon specific protein, carbohydrate, and fat counts. If possible, the menu will be designed around the participants of each class. Cooking is interactive so come prepared to join IN the creative fun. Skillet Side is offered different times each month. You must pre-register at least two days in advance to participate in this class. Cost is $35 per class. Class runs approximately an hour and a half. Bring a container to take home samples. See the Upcoming Events Section for date and time this class is offered each month.

Kleen Up What U Eat! ~ This 6 week class is designed to assist you in taking SIGNIFICANT, yet small, diligent steps toward making Healthier choices with your Food intake. When you make Healthy Choices.. You Feel Better!!!! Balance your Hormones!!! Lead the way to achieving optimal body composition (less fat)!!!!! Each session will target ONE area for you to make a NEW change. You will have the entire week to practice your new change and CELEBRATE the Healthy Choices you are making for YOU. Click to view document.

Nutrition Nuggets @ Noon
You are invited to join us each Thursday at 12 Noon for valuable and informative nutrition nuggets. The Events Section lists each weekly topic. Come as often as you desire… And Bring a Friend. There is “no charge” for this event. Contact Coach Nadine to receive a listing of upcoming topics and location information. We are currently still looking for a local location for this class.

Take if OFF, Baby! ~ Various locally owned fitness centers in Fort Collins are making this class available. Classes have a minimum of 6 students and a cap of 20. The basic Take if OFF, Baby! Program is geared for 24 weeks with the option to expand the BURN Fat phase for as long as the class would like to continue to burn fat. Coach Nadine will provide the weekly information in lecture style and provide spot-checking with each individual. The class is one hour in length and held on a weekly basis. Contact Coach Nadine to find out where these classes are being made available. View Form

BODY TALK ~ is limited to 14 students per class ~ by registration only.
Body Talk has been created for people who desire to explore how to talk to your body and it’s overall effect on your self-image and self-esteem. This intensive class is held one weekend a month, and will be five months in length. Due to the nature of this course, it is possible that multiple classes are in session each month. Dates for your class are selected, when the next 14 registrations (incl non-refundable deposit) are received. Body Talk and Registration form contain more information.