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Heaven or Hell by Dr Nadine

Eating with Purpose ~Heaven or HELL!!!


Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

This article was written FOR and Published IN the Intentional Conscious Parenting magazine  as part of the Eating with Purpose series

Nadine’s Nibblers ~ Grounding a Room

Everytime I walk into a room, I OWN IT for Myself.  It does not matter how many other people are in the room or what the topic of conversation is… I CLAIM MY SPACE.

Here are two ways I Ground the Room for ME

  • Imagine there is a Chord coming from each corner of the Ceiling
  • Imagine there is a Chord coming from each corner of the Floor
  • Gather all those Chords and drop them down the CENTER of the room... Allow the Grounding to go all the way down to the Center of the Earth Mother.

Way number Two… the Down and Dirty method….

  • I walk into the room and simply claim  MINE!!

Try out these two methods of OWNING a Room for Yourself.  Then come share your feedback, results.  ~Nadine


Dr Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Embracing Change

Nadine’s Nuggets ~ Embracing Change

Hello Dear Readers, and Welcome to a new edition of NADINE’S NUGGETS ~ morsels of information from various arenas including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Personal Training and Nutrition.

This issue explores Embracing Change, and features a few thoughts to ponder. I have also included a bit of information regarding changes you will see on the website (FB, Twitter, iTunes) as well as the launch of the SOUL Food deck one app for iphone/ipad/ipod touch.

CHANGE is in the air! Evidence can be seen on the news, in the weather patterns and within conversations surrounding you. Within the past weeks, my awareness has been drawn to multiple conversations regarding shifts in health status, shifts in employment status or moving to a new home or territory.

Within each conversation was an underlying thread of the unknown, a spark of uncertainty. At the same time, there was a sense of excitement for what might be on the horizon. Old behavior might have each of us grabbing onto what we know (panic, fear, etc) as we discover that with CHANGE comes OPPORTUNITY. And with Opportunity, a door will open allowing us to grow.

Affirmation:I Believe there is more for me to Explore. For now, I will simply Allow Myself to FEEL my Feelings

We have the Opportunity to be Grateful for the Past. Here are a few thoughts to ponder:
* What is the most significant skill I mastered in this place?
* What did I learn about Myself while being here?
* How did I grow? List all the areas
* Where was my growth hindered or blocked?
* What friendships did I Embrace?

We also have the Opportunity to Create our next steps. Thoughts to ponder might include:
* What NEW Opportunities are now available to me as I move forward?
* In what ways can I Growth?
* What Risks might I encounter with this new opportunity?
* How would I like be be Seen or Validated in my next relationship, job, etc
* How would I like to be greeted on a daily basis?
* How would I like to be compensated for my time? Knowledge? Etc
* What is an area of my personality I would like Embrace? (have more eye contact, smile more, present a Positive outlook on life, etc)
* Create a list of ALL of the Things YOU would like to experience in your new job/relationship etc.

Affirmation: I follow my Inner Guidance and Embrace this new phase of my journey

The Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT ~ helps with new beginnings . Bach wrote that Walnut is ‘the Remedy for those who have decided to take a great step forward in life, to break old conventions, to leave old limits and restrictions and start on a new way.’ If you find you have made a choice to move in a new direction or take on a new challenge, have your bags packed and are sitting in your boat, but the boat is still tied to the dock, Walnut is the remedy to choose.

As you EMBRACE this CHANGE in your life… I say.. CONTRATS to you. Enjoy the ride… and… Share your Journey with someone. Odds are, they just might hold the key to the doorway you are supposed to enter.

Affirmation:I Embrace this Glorious path I find myself Traveling. I walk forward in Confidence, Ease and Joy.

~ Flexibility+ Appreciation + EASE


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Nadine is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist, as such, can not and will not diagnose a disease, claim to cure a disease or prescribe medications. Dr Nadine provides knowledge; making it possible to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of your overall health and well-being. Making new eating and lifestyle choices along the way will allow improvement in quality of life and allows for greater self-awareness, self-discovery, internal balance and self-healing.


Clean Eating For the Natural Woman as was published in the July 2011 Issue of Fit Beautiful


Clean Eating For The Natural Woman

By Dr. Nadine, N.D., C.N.S.   Sat, Jul 02, 2011

Use this meal plan for radiant, healthy skin! Yes!

Have you ever had one of those days when it just feels like your skin or body revolted against you?  You take a peek in the mirror and the woman looking back greets you with swollen, puffy eyes, or face breakouts?  That, my friend, is a heads up that something is out of balance within the ‘system’ and needs attention.

The skin is considered the third kidney.  One of it’s jobs is to detoxify and eliminate toxins.  Any form of skin eruption, (i.e. face break outs; red mask across the forehead and nose; bumps down the back of the arms; a rash on the stomach, arms or thighs; or a blotchy, bloated, puffy appearance), signals an internal imbalance.

As internal alarms begin ringing toxin alert, toxin alert, the bowels, kidneys and lungs will go to work in an attempt to release those toxins.  If they are unable to do so effectively, the third kidney says “I’ll help out” and boom, toxins erupt via the skin.  Oh JOY!!!

The human body is an incredible healing machine and when given the support it needs, will heal itself, since all healing comes from within.  NUTRITION is the KEY!!! that opens the gateway to your overall health and well-being.  Nutrition sheds light on the possible source of any imbalance, ailment or physical issue you might be experiencing.

Since we heal from the inside out, it is important to First eliminate the foods causing the distress.  Second, it is vital to nourish the body with clean, nutrient dense foods.  A nourished body will love you back with vibrant, healthy, beautiful looking skin.

Foods that create an imbalance, causing toxins to accumulate, include but not limited to: WHEAT (for some this might include all Gluten products); DAIRY (usually milk and cheese); refined Sugar; fried foods; and artificial sweeteners.  Some folks have an immediate reaction to peanuts while others may react to non-fermented soy products.  One of the worst possible toxin combinations is Wheat + Dairy which forms a gluey pasty mess internally.  The Key here is to discover what YOU put in your body that created a reaction.  Once you discover the culprit, you can eliminate that food item and allow the healing process to begin.

Nutrient dense foods that Nourish and Nurture the body, organs, and skin include: Green Veggies, Whole Grains, Legumes, Soaked Nuts and Seeds, fresh Fruit, lean Fish and Poultry.

Vibrant, healthy looking skin, begins at the end of your fork.  Here is a suggested a day of Clean Eating for the Natural Woman.  Beauty delivered six times a day at the end of your FORK!

Clean Eating for the Natural Woman

Meal #1 – 5 egg whites + ½ cup of dry oats/quinoa +2 oz blueberries  +|
1 TBS natural almond butter (see pancake recipe)

Meal #2 – 8 oz plain greek yogurt + 23 soaked almonds + ½ cup

Meal #3 – 3.5 oz Tuna + 1 cup lettuce + ½ cup shredded raw beets
+ ½ cup cucumbers + 1 TBS Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
+ ½ TBS Udos/Flaxseed oil + 1/3 cup cooked rice or rye

Meal #4 – 3 oz (chicken or turkey) + 1-2 cups green veggies + ½ TBS OO
+ 3.5 oz baked yam

Meal #5 – 4 oz salmon +1-2 cups romaine + parsley/cilantro +
½ cup cucumbers + 1 TBS ACV with Lemon + ½ TBS Udos/OO

Meal #6 – Protein PUDDING  (see recipe)


Oatmeal/Quinoa Pancakes  (pronounced Keen-wah)

  • 5 egg whites
  • ½ cup dry Oats or Quinoa Flakes
  • your desired flavorings (cinnamon, bakers cocoa etc)
  • Stevia to sweeten
  • blueberries and natural almond butter.

Fluff this mixture up with a fork and allow to ‘set’… (I usually put it in the fridge overnight).
Once this mixture is ‘set’ or thickened, add in your blueberries then
Fry like a pancake.

After it is cooked (usually 3-5 minutes)
Put your serving of Almond Butter or Peanut Butter on top to get in your Healthy Fats.

Note: These pancakes are great for hikes, biking, trips, flights, etc. They travel very well. They can be made in advance and frozen. Be creative here.. There are no limits to what you can do with this pancake.

Protein Pudding

  • 2 scoops of your favorite Protein powder.  I like Egg White Protein best
  • 4 TBS ground Flaxseeds (grinding the seeds opens the nutrients so the body can use this as a food/fat source)
  • add in any spices/flavorings if you desire (vanilla, extracts, cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc)

Stir in cold water to the thickness of a ‘pudding’.

Allow your Protein Pudding to chill for at least 4 hours.  If you want your yummy delight before then, pop your creation in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. This makes a lovely cold treat loaded with Protein and Healthy Fats.

Note: This one is awesome when attending a conference. Carry your Protein Powder and Flax seeds in little baggies. Pitchers of ice water are usually provided. Mix your ingredients in a container then let it sit ON ice for another little bit. WOW… what a lovely thick treat either in the middle of the day… or at night when you want that ‘ice cream’ thing.

ENJOY the Beauty you are creating as you allow your body to heal from the inside out with nutrient dense foods.  Remember a nourished body will always love you back with vibrant, healthy, beautiful looking skin!

Until next issue: Be FIT. Be BEAUTIFUL. Be VIBRANT.

~Dr Nadine.

 Note: the card you see above is part of the SOUL Food deck one app created by NADINE to Motive, Inspire, Encourage and Empower!  The app is available in iTunes for your iphone/ipad/ipod touch device.

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Copyright © 2011 by Dr. Nadine.  All Rights Reserved.

By Dr. Nadine, N.D., C.N.S.

About This Special Guest Author

An Ambassador for Health and Wellness, Dr Nadine serves first and foremost as a Naturopath & Holistic Nutrition Specialist. The philosophy she shares with her clients and readers is: NUTRITION IS THE KEY!!! that opens the gateway to your overall Health and Well-being!

Dr Nadine provides knowledge; making it possible to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of your overall health and well-being. Making new eating and lifestyle choices along the way will allow improvement in quality of life and allows for greater self-awareness, self-discovery, internal balance and self-healing.

A Cancer survivor, author and public speaker, Dr Nadine brings over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a nationally qualified Natural Bodybuilder and a coach for all levels and genre of people.

She is the creator of SOUL Food deck one by NADINE, N.D., C.N.S, a Powerful Tool designed to Motivate, Inspire, Uplift and EMPOWER You as you FOCUS on your Diet, Fitness and Life Goals. Available NOW in iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch device. 

Dr. Nadine, N.D., C.N.S

Fort Collins, CO


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ASK Dr Nadine ~ Tumeric for Carol

Hello Carol and thanks for writing in.

TURMERIC (Curcuma Longa) is used as a blood purifier, stimulant and vulnerary.   Vulneraries are herbs that encourage the healing of wounds by promoting cell growth and repair.

The root imparts its characteristic golden color to curry powder and most Indian dishes.  It’s Energy and Flavor:  spicy, bitter and warm.

Turmeric can be applied both internally and externally to heal wounds, relieve pain/inflammation in the limbs, break up congestion and can be used to restore the loss of blood during child birth.  It holds great benefit to the circulatory system and it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.  Turmeric is also used for reducing fevers and for nose bleeds.

One tsp of powdered turmeric root can be taken twice daily to help regulate the menus or to prevent or lessen PMS symptoms.  It gently activates liver functionality to help regulate and balance the hormones.

Another concoction found helpful in stretching ligaments and reducing menstrual cramps consists of: a tsp of turmeric powder + a tsp of almond oil + a cup of warm milk enjoyed  one to two cups are daily.

Thanks again for writing in ~Dr Nadine

Acid Indigestion ~ Paper


Harmony and Balance – two key words to a healthy digestive system. When we eat nutritious foods that are in Harmony with our body we provide the macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to assist in the natural healing, cell growth and Balance of our Mind, Body and Spirit. When we eat out of Balance we create a disharmonious relationship with our natural digestive system creating havoc in the form of acid indigestion.

Acid Indigestion is exactly what the name implies – a lack of digestion with an imbalance of stomach acid. Common symptoms of indigestion include bloating, belching, sour burps, gas, heaviness, regurgitation, nausea, cramping and pain. Too little stomach acid is the most common reason for most symptoms of simple indigestion. Other causes of an imbalance include: eating or drinking too fast, which creates hiccups; introducing a new food in large quantities, which creates gas and many times sour burps if the food has a high acid concentration; eating or drinking too much at one time, which creates heartburn because the acidic juice in the stomach backs up into the esophagus; eating on an irregular schedule; and lastly, eating foods that are on your AVOID list.

The digestive system feeds the rest of the body and is itself sensitive to malnutrition or under-nutrition. Our goal then is to ensure we are providing our bodies with adequate amounts of protein, carbs, fat, water, vitamins and minerals. Below is a listing of the nutrient and the role it plays within the body.

Nutrient Role in the Body
Protein Repairs damage to tissues and cells as they normally break down, stimulates and maintains bodily metabolism. Proteins can help normalize the acid-base balance by acting as a buff
Carbs Main source of fuel and needed to regulate protein and fat metabolism
Fats Protects vital organs from trauma and temperature change by providing padding and insulation. When the digestive system is working well, up to 95 percent of dietary fats are absorbed into the body
Water Carries nutrients to the cells of the body; transports toxins out
Vitamins Essential for growth, health, vitality and helpful in digestion, elimination and resistance to disease
Minerals Like vitamins, assist the body in energy production

How much is enough? Balancing the macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) within your diet is a key factor to a healthy digestive system. While rare cases pop up, I have found the majority of my nutrition clients reach a healthy balance with a daily macronutrient breakdown of 30 percent Protein, 50 percent Carbohydrate and 20 percent Good Fats (poly unsaturated). As you learn to create your meal plan, focus on fueling your body with Primary and Secondary foods first and filling in the gaps with Tertiary foods. Keep a journal and note when your body is out of balance. As you learn more about your own digestive system and food needs, you may want to further refine your daily intake. Two methods I highly recommend are to Eat For Your Blood Type and to incorporate those foods that bring the Alkaline/Acid base of your body into balance.

Food Item Resource
Primary Foods Whole grains –20-30% – rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats,
spelt, kamut, etc

Protein – 20-30% – animal proteins, fish, tofu, tempeh,
beans, legumes, etc

Secondary Foods Vegetables – 30-40% – fresh and seasonal
Tertiary Foods Dairy, eggs, and fruits – 5-10%
Fats and oils – 2%
Eat Right 4 Your Type Focus on eliminating the AVOID foods and incorporating the BENEFICIAL and Neutral Foods. This link will take you to a wonderful database where you can look up individual foods
Alkaline/Acid Base Foods Eat 80% Alkaline foods and 20% Acid foods. Begin slowly and incorporate foods slowly. This link will take you to a site that incorporates Alkaline/Acid Balance foods with Blood Type information. I have linked you to blood type O since it is the predominate type.


If you suffer from indigestion the use of over the counter antacids (tums, Rolaids, etc) is counterproductive. The problem here is that antacids are designed only to temporarily relieve pain caused by heartburn by neutralizing stomach acid for a while. However, when the antacids reduce normal stomach acidity, the result is producing MORE acid to restore the normal acid condition. Additionally the ingredients in antacids can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. Herbs are a more effective approach.

Many solutions to indigestion can be found in your kitchen, more specifically your spice rack. Most herbal spices are carminatives (meaning they prevent and relieve gas), stimulants and aids to digestion. Herbal spices are often regarded as “crisis medicine’ and can be thought of as a safe and natural alternative to synthetic drugs. Below is a chart containing items you can find in your spice rack and ways to use them for indigestion.

Spice Medicinal Properties Method of Use
Sweet Basil Prevents/relieves gas, stimulates digestion Make an infusion (tea) with one ounce of basil leaves to a pint of water simmered for twenty minutes
Bay Prevents gas and indigestion Add 1-2 bay leaves to soups and beans.
Caraway Indigestion and gas Make an infusion with an ounce of crushed seeds. Bring water to a rolling boil, turn off heat, add the crushed seeds, steep for 20 minutes. Suggested intake: 2 TBS of the tea frequently until relief
Cardamom Carminative and stimulant mixed with other spices to treat Indigestion and gas Chai tea: grate 1 ounce of fresh ginger, add 7 peppercorns, a cinnamon stick, 5 cloves, and 15 cardamom seeds. Heat in one pint of water, simmering for 10 minutes. Add one-half cup of milk and simmer for another 10 minutes. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg and a few drops of vanilla extract. Drink one cup of tea twice per day.
Cumin Prevent/relieve gas Add Cumin to cooked beans and/or rice. You can also make a tea, however the flavor is very strong. Suggest making gelatin capsules from powdered seeds. Suggested Intake: 2 capsules at mealtime in the evening.
Ginger Indigestion, cramps, nausea Eat crystallized ginger pieces for immediate relief of cramps, nausea and indigestion. Ginger tea can be made by grating one ounce of fresh ginger, simmering 10 mins in a pint of water

Prevention is the best course of Action. We have already discussed incorporating those foods that are BENEFICIAL, thus Healing to your body according to your blood type. Removing foods classified as AVOID will assist in removing known toxins or poisons to your digestive track. In addition we have introduced the concept of eating 80 percent of your diet from Alkaline-base Foods. Above we have listed common kitchen spices that will bring relief to common symptoms of indigestion. The flowing information is provided in the event you would like to take another step in being in Harmony and Balance with your Body, Mind and Spirit. These herbs are listed for there ability to aid and support a healthy digestive system and the method of application. Eat well and make wise choices as you Create New Lifestyle Changes to Last Your Lifetime.

Herb Aids in: Method of Use
Alfalfa Improving digestion and assimilation One cup of an infusion taken 3 times a day
Angelica Digestive weakness and gas


If the tea is taken after a meal it will prevent flatulence

Tea: 3-9 g of normal tea infusion;
Tincture: use 10-30 drops 3 times a day
Aniseed Prevent/expel gas, aid in digestion, relieves belching, bloating and nausea


3-9 g of the crushed seeds steeped in a cup of boiling water. Take 2-3 times a day as needed;

Tea made from a pinch each of powders of aniseed, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Steeped in boiled water or scalded raw milk. Drink a cup after meals to promote digestion.

Asafoetida Gas, weak digestion, food sensitivities 100 mg – 1g of powdered gum steeped in boiling water, or added to food
Camomile Digestive disorders Standard infusion;

Tincture 10-30 drops

Comfrey Lack of pepsin for protein digestion Standard decoction;

Tincture, 1 tsp, 3 times daily

Elecampane Digestive weakness One ounce of dried root steeped in a pint of boiling water for 20 mins. 1 cup three times daily;
Tincture, 10-30 drops, 3 times daily
Goldenseal Dyspepsia, acid indigestion, gastritis, colitis 1 tsp of root simmered in a cup of boiling water 10-20 mins;
Tincture 5-30 drops
Papaya Promotes digestion Eat the fruit
Rice Aids in digestion, overall convalescence Congee: 1 part of rice to 7-10 parts water, slow cooked for 6-8 hours. Eat as needed
Thyme Indigestion Standard infusion
Turmeric Digestion and assimilation 3-9 g in an infusion or mild decoction
Treatments for:    
Indigestion Herbs to Use Directions
Make an extract in any white wine using Dandelion root – 1 part
Calamus root – 1 part
Gentian – 1 part
Angelica – 1 part
Valerian – 1 part
Ginger root – ½ part
Use 2 ounces of herbs to one pint of wine and let extract for two weeks. Suggested Intake: one teaspoon before and after meals.
Indigestion & Gas Herbs to Use Directions
Mix equal parts of the powdered herbs: Calamus
Wild cherry bark
Oregon grape root
Cascara bark
Dandelion root
Wild yam root
Ginger root

Fill “00” capsules. Suggested Intake: 2 capsules 3 times a day, with one cup of dandelion root tea, one-half hour before meals to improve digestion
Stomach Acidity Herbs to Use Directions
Take internally as a decoction or in gelatin capsules Dandelion root – 1 part
Slippery elm – 1 part
Goldenseal – 1/8 part
Calamus root – 1/8 part
Suggested Intake: one-half cup of the tea or 2 gelatin capsules of the powder every hour or as needed.
Poor Digestion Herbs to Use Directions
  Tincture of Agrimony or Gentian Suggested Intake: 1-2 teaspoons before meals
Flatulence Herbs to Use Directions
Make in infusion of any of the following herbs. When taken after a meal will relieve flatulence Fennel
Aniseed or
Lemon Balm
Use 1 teaspoon of dried herbs to 1 cup of water; steep for 10-15 mins
Stimulate the appetite Herbs to Use Directions
Make a decoction. Taken before a meal will stimulate the appetite Gentian
One ounce of dried root or bark to just over a pint of water; simmer for 10-15 mins


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