Something to ‘Chew’ On

Life is sweeter when YOU decide to BE the sugar!!!
– Shima Bower ???

If the bar ain’t BENDING.…..  Stop PRETENDING

Arnold S.

No matter how you feel, get up,
dress up and show up!

Regina Brett, 90 years old

Can you AFFORD the Consequences of
Your THINKING?????  ~ Unknown


“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back and always ineffectiveness….the moment one commits oneself, providence moves too!”



I received this one in the mail the after PeekaBoo died…..

One must let go, Goddess, in order to be free.

You know,
The Universe


What have you scheduled into your day/week to Take Care of You?  To Celebrate You??relax


When you say “Yes” to something, you include something you do want in your experience. When you say “No” to something, you include something you don’t want in your experience.

~ Abraham-Hicks Excerpted from a workshop in Orlando, FL on Saturday, February 15th, 1997


The desire to Heal Oneself must come from Within ~ Edward Bach


Somesays you just HAVE to

Some days you just HAVE to