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I just finished reading this note: “I aspire to become healthy and well like you. Where should I begin? My diet is not so great, but not terrible. I walk for at least 45 minutes a few times per week. Thank you so much”. Have you ever felt like that? Like you WANT to change but just do not know where to begin?

I have discovered, that no matter how old you are, no matter how much education you have, or how much money you make… Change begins when you OWN where you are Right Now! Taking ownership is very powerful, you wear it like you wear your name.

The moment you take ownership for what you have already created, a doorway opens. That doorway allows you to become accountable for your choices, and provides the ability and opportunity to make a change. Until that moment happens, it is like watching a hamster spinning on a wheel repeating old patterns over and over and over. Until that happens, it is like singing a country song “you done me wrong, and that ain’t right”. Until that happens, excuses are a dime a dozen.

Are you ready to get real? Are you ready to be honest with yourself? If your answer is no, that is OK. Maybe you will be ready for this message at a later date. If you are yelling YES, YES, YES!!! You, my friend, are ready for Step One. Here we go…Take a moment to say out loud… I OWN MY BODY!! I OWN what I Created! No one did this to me. I created this.

I can’t hear you…. one more time… with feeling. I want to hear you all the way over here. I OWN MY BODY!! I OWN what I have Created!!!

I love it!!!… can you see me doing the Happy Dance??? The doorway is now open for you to make some changes. It is time to take responsibility and accountability for your creation. Here are some possible questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I like how I LOOK?
  • Do I like how I FEEL?
  • Do I like my Energy Levels?
  • Do I like the overall tone of my Muscles? Can it be better?
  • Is my Self-Talk Positive or Negative? Can I improve upon it?
  • Do I like how my Hormones are Balanced? Or do I swing all over the place?
  • Etc, etc

As you go over your notes, you might find places where you truly can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Bravo!! Should you discover there is room for improvement, you begin Step Two: Being Accountable for your Choices. A great mantra that has served me well is: “I am 100% Responsible and Accountable for my Choices”









What does that mean? Well, if I , Nadine, do not like how I LOOK in the Mirror, then whatever I am putting in my mouth is not giving me the results I want. No one but me can choose what I put in my mouth. No one but me can say NO! No one be me can choose the intensity for my cardio session. Bottom line is, NO one but ME is accountable for ME but ME!!!!! When I/we can recognize that accountability, I/we can then take the responsibility to make changes.

What change can you take right now to create a shift?
Possibilities might include:

  • Create a Food Journal to become Aware of your current food choices. You might discover your body will be better served with choices that are in alignment with your new goals. Or that eating smaller meals comprised if the correct Protein + Healthy Fat + Veggie + 1 serving of complex Carbohydrate amounts energizing.
  • Engage the Muscle you are working vs just going through the motions. A muscle is engaged when it is squeezed! As an example contract your abdominal wall while doing a crunchie; contract your bicep while doing a curl; or squeeze your buttocks while doing the dishes to engage the glutes.
  • Positive Self-Talk will lift you up. It will inspire you. It can and will EMPOWER you to keep making choices that are in alignment with your goals. Try it on for size: I am Beautiful. I am Flexible. I just made a Healthy Choice FOR Me! I am Pleased with Myself.
  • Reach Out to a friend for support along your journey, hire a Nutrition Coach, or both. You have unlimited possibilities.
  • Change up the style of your cardio session. I personally like to change my ‘pattern’ every ten minutes to stay present and so that I push harder. First 10 mins: warm up jog + the next 10 minute section will be one minute intervals + followed by 10 minutes of 30 second intervals + 10 mins of steady state, etc.

As you can see, by taking ownership for what you have already created, the door is open. As you step through and take responsibility for where you are and how you got here, you EMPOWER yourself to create change.

~ Dr Nadine
Deliberately Creating LIFESTYLE Changes to LAST Your Lifetime

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