Create Your Personal Power Field

Create Your Personal Power Field course

This is a time of tremendous change.
The world around you has become more intense, noisy and dramatic.

have you noticed...

  • More drama, emotion and noise within and around you
  • The institutions that were once thought to be solid are crumbling (economic, political, educational for example)
  • It is becoming more difficult to remain grounded, focused and calm
  • It is more difficult to discern choices that are best for you

If you could learn the simple, practical tools to create a power field around you that would positively change your life forever, would you?

The world is at your finger tips
if you have a desire to

  • Grow beyond your perceived limitations
  • Experience and LIVE the life you dream about
  • BE healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Enjoy freedom of movement in your body as you feel safe in your own skin
  • Build lasting relationships that validate, uplift and support you
  • Live your life in Happiness and with JOY

If you have…

  • A willingness to blend and become one with the feminine (creative) and masculine (implementation) aspects of yourself
  • A belief that there is grander wisdom available
  • A desire to “know thyself” and feel you have a purpose for being here
  • A hunger to: advance your personal, spiritual growth; accelerate your awakening; deepen your Soul’s connection to Source; and reconnect with the Love that you are
  • A desire to live in Balance, Calm, Well-Being, Joy, Gratitude with a sense of community

         … then the Create Your Personal Power Field course
is well worth exploring

Magnificence Mine  offers simple, effective tools and strategies that will empower you to do this and much more.  It is no accident that you found us today. Be Pleased with Yourself.  Join us at Magnificence Mine for all course details and Essential ENERGY TOOLS Workshop information.  There is NO CHARGE for the workshops… Join Us!