Nadir’s notes on Valentines Day

I wish I could say my path has been easy.. however that is just not the case.  It seems like my world fell apart last year when I missed achieving not just one but 3 different goals.  I guess that makes me human.. however having the bottom of my world fall apart has not been enjoyable.  The road back is FOCUSED…

I have been following my body temps to discover if I have an Adrenal or Thyroid breakdown.  Right now I am thinking both glands need LOVE and Attention.  After introducing some supplements… I am sitting within the 96’s…  so that is progress.  My body weight has not shifted on the scale.. however I FEEL like shift is happening.  So will continue to VISUALIZE the Healthy Physique I am walking towards and wallowing IN.

I have the COURAGE to keep going..  I KNOW I have what it takes to bring this home

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