nadir’s notes Mon AUG 1st.. wow

Mon Aug 1st ME as…

Foundation Words: Courageous+ Head/Heart sTrong +Curious

NOTES : Wow, I can tell I had a day off.. I was able to Run today. The fast run was slower than I had been bringing in.. but still under 10mins. Tomorrow I will kick it into higher gear. Ankle still not able to handle the xtrainer in reverse, so I am just running. Kicked BUTT on LEGS today as well as the Plyo workout. I think I had coffee late in the day.. or it is just freekin HOT.. it is past midnight and I am wired. As you can tell, I am now playing with color.. hmmm I also booked my flight to Cleveland. So now I just need the car…

FAST Run: 911


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