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FrancesWhen I truly want to get serious about changing my body, I call Nadine. Working with her has enabled me to achieve some of my highest and longest held aspirations. She not only takes the most natural and healthy approach to my nutrition, but she also takes into consideration my body type. Her experience and knowledge with blood typing along with her serious dedication to holistic nutrition has opened many doors for me. I have struggled not only with weight issues, but have also recently discovered I have gluten intolerance. Nadine works with me and not against me. When I decided that I truly wanted to compete on the figure stage I thought at first that I could handle the diet aspect on my own. As I came closer to contest I realized that I must be missing the mark. I talked to Nadine and within 3 weeks she had my body right where I needed to be. On contest night I was proud to be on stage. Had I NOT contacted Nadine, I would not have known where to go with my diet to prepare me for that event. She can teach the details needed to drop fat and bring a stage body in tight and ready. Her guidance and instruction have been invaluable to me and I will forever be grateful to her for her efforts in helping me grace the stages of my first few Colorado figure competitions. She is worth her weight in gold!
~Frances Treat From Elbert, Colorado
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Nadine is fabulous, what more can I say? What you see (or hear if you're doing this over the phone with her), is what you get. She is down to earth, honest and has a great sense of humor – I have fun in our phone calls. Nadine never breaks her promises, never judges, is respectful and of course is great at what she does.
But no doubt you’d think that anyone would say that if they have lost a whole ton of fat and was happy as Larry with their results. Well let me tell you, that it's not the amount of weight that I've lost, it's her undying support.
You see my body is very stubborn, VERY stubborn, it took over 3 months to lose the first 10 pounds. Can you imagine how you would feel doing this on your own, working faithfully and yet not seeing the results you think you should be? With Nadine she was right there with me. Then I hit my 10 pounds, she finally found the formula that was working for my body. But something else happened, I started to grow emotionally and I 'couldn't handle' the weight lose - it sounds strange, but Nadine has a way of working with you that not only allows your physical body to shrink but you as a person to GROW. So I ‘fell off’ the wagon. Actually Nadine helped me off the wagon - have a vacation so to speak. She never stopped believing in me. So she stuck with me for that month. Knowing that she was there for me, through thick and thin was the biggest boost! But it hasn’t been smooth sailing after that ‘month off’, I’ve been up and down and all over the show (not because of the program, but because of me). But without a doubt I KNOW I will get there, because it’s not about losing the fat, it’s about gain ME in the process, and who cares if takes a few months long than it would someone else.? I want to be ME, and KEEP me, HAVE me, and I’m doing everything I need to do, to BE ME!
You can get a coach who will help you with your fat lose goals, but then you can get Nadine who will help you with your growth, your happiness, you life and oh yeah your fat loss. What more could you want ?
If you’re worried about cost, well yes there is a cost involved but I think about it in a different way - yes it's an investment in you, and sometimes even that is hard to 'justify'. What about thinking of it like a car payment - you pay each month (if that's how you choose to do it), and of course you need to put fuel in the tank and maintenance costs etc (food and 'touch ups'). But at the end of your journey (well there really is no end as such), you have a vehicle that does justice to who you are, it has GROWN in value and hasn't depreciated, you're happier more vibrant and you are YOU! Sure it doesn't always take the sting out of the money. But believe me this has been the BEST thing, the BEST thing ever. I am more ME than I ever have been in my life and I still have about 30 pounds to go!
Alice from California
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Anyhow, just wanted to say "thank you" for your input and willingness to answer my questions. You're help / input made a real difference.
Your willingness to go above what could be expected really blew me away!
I also wanted to share my results with you as I feel that the sugar / salt and fat % questions, as well as your thorough explaination of calories and calculating them was really instrumental in the results I experienced.
In my opininon "You're an invaluable Asset to the PFA and instrumental in keeping people focused and confident in their success!
My results are as follows:
Started weight 217lbs
End weight 182lbs
Initial Body Fat 17%
Now 8%
Thanks again Nadine. I sincerely wish you continued success and joy while transforming peoples lives on the outside as well as the inside.
Roy From Canada
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There is no way to put into words the value I have received from my personal nutrition journey. In addition to reaching my fitness goals, I have acheived growth in all other areas of my life as well. My life is balanced for the first time. Nadine is an outstanding coach. She challenged me to acheive a level of growth that I didn't know was possible at the time. I will never forget what I have learned from her and the difference she has made in my life. Thank you.
Kim Cagan from Colorado
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Vinny I'd been lifting weights on and off for over 14 years, worked with numerous trainers as well as on my own, read all the magazines, all the books, tried every "program of the moment guaranteed to produce results", etc, etc. I had no intention of taking on a personal fitness coach either - until I first spoke to Nadine on the phone and knew instantly that this is the person who has the knowledge and the tools to get me where I want to go with my body and health. Her approach is so unique, yet makes so much sense that every other program I'd tried seems laughable now.
Her experience and knowledge is only a part of why working with her has produced such amazing results; the thing you begin to notice very early on with Nadine is that she CARES. Her passion for giving people the tools to achieve their goals is evident in everything she does, and she treats her clients as real people, with respect, humor and compassion for the trials and tribulations we all go through in our quest for good health. I've never felt I was just a calendar, spreadsheet and a check to her.
She has the gift of being able to address what I've found to be the biggest struggle in achieving my goals, not just the mechanics of eating and working out but the beliefs and mental and emotional obstacles that have always kept me from getting there. Not only is she the most effective and powerful coach I've ever had, she's a source of constant support and inspiration. Over the course of our many months working together, I've developed the added privilege considering her a friend as well.
My results - dropped 30 pounds of bodyfat (37 waist to a comfortable 31), increased my strength exponentially, and have come to know a sense of well being I've never experienced before. Currently I'm working with her to increase my lean body mass and take the next step to the physique and health of my dreams, and with her on my side there's no doubt in my mind I'll get it and keep it.
Vinny Licursi from Astoria, NY
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For many years I have struggled with weight, food and exercise. My body was never quite what I wanted without a lot of work. I’m a do-it-yourselfer type person and thought that if I read and studied, I could figure out for myself what I needed. Well, I did learn a lot of different stuff that is probably useful to some measure as well as accomplished a lot exercise. But along the way I became very frustrated with how I kept coming back to the same place, overweight, tired and not really in shape. Then I had a chat with Nadine and that has been a turning point for my body and me. In the time I have worked with Coach Nadine, I have learned SO MUCH more about my body, it’s needs, training and healing. She is such an awesome coach and invaluable if you want to take care of your body, get in shape and change your life eating habits. Her approach to healing and working through old food issues has helped me to achieve a state of health and feeling of fitness that I never thought possible. Together we achieved for me a 25 pound fat loss and a much higher loss of unusable food attitude. My energy level is soaring and my body finally feels great. Thanks to Nadine and her wonderful support I am feeling awesome, powerful, exploring resistance training, and am excited for what more I can become. I no longer work hard at staying fit. I soar! Thanks Nadine, you’re awesome.
Amelia Morris from Pittsburgh, PA
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Having been a lifelong dieter, I was skeptical, but hopeful, when I made my first appointment with Nadine in November 2003. With her guidance, I have started down the road to permanent weight loss. So far, I have lost over 20 pounds (with a greater loss of inches to the weight I have lost) but most important, I have discovered a new relationship with food as well as a new relationship with myself. My newfound understanding of food, and how my body interacts with food, will serve as a roadmap for a lifetime journey to better health. Although I love the changes in my body, I am more impressed by the changes in my life: I am more confident, more energized and more positive. Nadine does not teach you to diet. She teaches you to work with your body, defining its needs, and meeting those needs for better health, energy and a lifetime of change.
Debbie DeBaun from Colorado Springs, CO
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I have spent the last 7 years learning about how to eat better and take better care of my vessel. I have done everything from Tae Bo to just running all the time. I have never been really overweight, but I have always felt that I could be leaner. I have always put time into reading and observing the best ways to help tone and sculpt my body. And, in addition to that time, I spent hours in the gym working my body. And, to what avail? Frustration and less than expected results. Then through a series of circumstances, I met Nadine. Not only did she help me better understand how to work my body, but she helped me better understand myself. I learned very quickly that I had literally been starving myself. It is easy to stay thin when you are not eating, but you don't look very fit and trim that way. Nadine helped me with both diet, which is the largest part of how you look, and a fitness program.
Now to some it might seem impossible to work with someone via internet and phone calls and get any significant results, but I am here to tell you that when you work with Nadine, you don't just get a coach, you get someone who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your results and become healthier inside and out. You get a relationship. There was not one time that she let me down. She was always encouraging me and supporting me in achieving my goals. From little things like simple emails to random phone calls to just check in, she proved to be a significant motivator. I felt like she was right here with me the whole time.
I have never doubted any approach she has suggested because she knows what she is talking about. Yes, it is an honor system, my honor that I will do as she says and eat what she suggests. That is a great deal of responsibility on me. But, these are my goals. How great that she is willing to trust me to do my part. And, in turn, she spends countless hours investing in educating herself so that she can customize a plan that fits the way my body is responding based on what I am telling her.
My life is better for knowing Nadine. I am more fit and healthier than I have ever been in my life. No matter where your goals may be. I am confident that she can make a difference in whatever program you are following or even if you need her to create one for you.
I am still not where I want to be but I know that Nadine is always here to assist me in getting to that place. And, the best thing is, I know she will help me get there the right way.
Joy Hornsby from DFW, TX
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I worked with Nadine for four months. During that time she helped me break some old habits and develop some new ones. One habit I had was an addiction to sugar. It was something I wanted o break, but I needed help. Nadine made suggestions about my diet, in order to help this happen. I added more vegetables, tried different kinds of grains, and drank lots of water. As a result, I had less and less desire for sugar. At this point, I actually want healthier foods, instead of sugar. I know that it was Nadine’s ongoing advice and support that allowed this to happen. Thank you Nadine!
Anne from Colorado Springs, CO
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Nadine, Thank you for coming into my life. I know this is the right program for me. I am scared at all we will deal with emotionally around food… and I am excited to be able to finally heal my past/relationship with food. Omg- this is real I am SO GLAD I found you
Natasha from Colorado Springs, CO
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Nadine, After talking with you on the phone and logging my emotions I have really felt so blessed to have you come into my life and help me on this journey of restoring my health and well-being. I thank you for all you are about to do for me, and all your advice and support thus far. Writing down all my emotions has really opened my eyes as to how miserable I am with my current eating habits. I know this will be difficult in the beginning but I believe with your support and knowledge I will overcome and my life will forever be changed.
Jennifer Bova from Fort Collins, CO
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before after

These are my before pics- starting @ 172lbs (i think 30% body fat).  This was the heaviest I had ever been and I had no idea how I was going to fix it by myself. I had already been going to the gym about 3 times a week for eight months and I was not seeing any results.  Feeling especially frustrated and unhappy with my efforts, one day while at the gym I stopped to get a drink of water in the weight room and saw Nadine's information right above the water fountain, at what seemed like the exact moment I was thinking about how I could do more to loose the weight. It was like a sign.  My husband and I set up a consultation but waited to start for two more months.  If I could go back in time I would have started that day!  but once we finally did start I felt so much better about my self before i even saw any changes in the mirror.  Nadine was confident that I could loose my weight and that in turn made me confident it would happen.  I enjoyed eating every 2 hours- I enjoyed the food that I was supposed to eat.  It was so much easier then I could have imagined.  then when I entered fat burning I saw 1- 1.5 lbs melt away each week like magic if I just did what Nadine wanted me to do!  Seriously it was like MAGIC!  Some weeks were harder then others- and I ate food I knew I shouldn't and I did not workout like I was supposed to- but even then I never felt defeated. Nadine would be there to support me but also help me get back on track.  . .
|Amy Lewis from Fort Collins, CO now living in TX
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